What does the entrepreneurial Self Storage operator or owner do to expand their business when there is no more room to grow?
Self Storage business owners that are looking to increase revenue by expanding their Self Storage Facilities have had few options - until now. It is not necessary to tear down a single story building in order to build a Multi-Story Self Storage Building.
Mako Steel creates additional square footage on an established site by designing a Rigid Frame Mezzanine that can span two existing single-story structures.
Business owners with single-story self storage buildings now have a cost effective way to grow their Self Storage Business without the time commitment and financial risk that tearing down existing buildings or investing in property in a new area would entail. The costs to add the DOUBLE UP mezzanine structure is similar to the cost per square foot of traditional Self Storage Construction BUT there are no additional costs for land or other outside costs. Mako Steel is the only Self Storage Building company with experience building DOUBLE UP sites.
You have successfully run your single-story self storage business for a number of years and have reached a comfortable rental capacity.
Are you a Self Storage Business owner with a successful single-story self storage business with nowhere to grow? Mako Steel introduces Double Up, a mezzanine structural concept that enables single-story self storage businesses to build up without impacting your current storage capacity. Like many of these first generations facility owners, they kicked around the idea of tearing down and starting over. The building costs to add the DOUBLE UP mezzanine structure is similar to the cost per square foot of traditional self storage construction but there are no additional costs for land or other outside costs.
Many believe that building a carport is the least expensive and most simple of options when it comes to vehicle storage options. Homeowners that choose not to construct the carport themselves, generally opt for a general contractor that is able to address all of the various areas needed in order to complete the proper construction of the unit. When considering the costs associated with the building of a carport, the following must be considered. Before the construction of your new carport can begin, the demolition of any current structures must be properly done.

Typical methods of construction use 2X8 beams that have 4X4 beams bolted to them with the remainder of the structure requires galvanized bolts, angle brackets, rafters and joist hangers. Panel installation or the installation of lattice panels will have a cost that varies according to wood selections and more. 3 foot by six foot eight inches exterior door installation – An exterior door that includes a lockset and half glass (depending upon the styling of the door of steel) will average a homeowner $2580 to $5000. If you prefer to have a professional carport builder do the entire job for you then it is important to get atleast 3 quotes before you decide who to use.
In the past, expansion for your self storage facility has meant increasing your building footprint or investing in more land. Double Up is a mezzanine structure that enables single-story self-storage businesses to build up without impacting current storage capacity and rental income. It is an elegantly simple concept that solves many problems for our customers that need to grow. Ask us for referrals from real customers who are now benefiting from our DOUBLE UP Self Storage Expansion products.
Using the highest quality building products and unmatched customer service, Mako Steela€™s team of experts will help you design, engineer and build your self-storage project on time and on budget. You may have acquired land at a great price years ago and built a cost effective, single-story self storage business. The facility was a first generation store, with long rows of 25a€™ and 30a€™ wide single story, exterior access buildings.
To a storage operator, that is a hard decision to make, and many times, not viable, as it would require evicting existing tenants and forgoing the revenue that units would have generated while the new construction is taking place.
A version that is able to accommodate two vehicles tends to hover about the average of $5,000 – $8,000. The average costs will vary according to the amount of work that needs to be completed regarding this matter. In regards to the full slab and piers, the area will require approximately 26 cubic yards of space and would result in a cost of about $2000.
Depending upon the design used, the pricing of the lumber will vary although the slope of the roof will be around six inches.

The pricing does not include the screws and washers that are needed for the mounting onto the structure or any of the sealants that are needed to prevent leaks. Overall, as long as one does not go overboard, the costs associated with a carport will not exceed that of a garage.
This article will outline an innovative and cost-effective self storage expansion alternative.
How long will it take to recoup your lost rental income, as well as your construction costs? The result is additional rentable space for the Self Storage operator without the need to tear down existing buildings.
The result is additional rentable space for the self storage operator without the need to tear down the existing buildings. A carport that measures 676 square feet (26X26) will comfortably and completely store a duo of vehicles, while leaving ample storage room.
If you prefer to have a company look after the entire project you would need to get a quote to get accurate figures. Materials for the building of the carport will be within the neighborhood of $450 in addition to about sixteen hours of installation. Transversely, should one become overwhelmed or not consider what is needed, the costs can become astronomical. Keep in mind that the construction of a carport is not a typical do it yourself project, a variety of contractors (electrical, carpentry, concrete, etc.) may be needed in order to complete the job properly. While determining your choice regarding a carport, it is imperative that you consider the information that has been provided above.

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