I was looking for a storage facility that had good security, was clean and had good customer service and was also affordable as I was looking for long term lease. The containers available for RENT are 8'x8', 8'x20', and 8'x40', with special orders of larger sized containers available for purchase only.
This business listing's information is accurate and has been verified by the business owner of Imperial Self Storage (Pete Smrst). Do not place boxes directly on concrete floors, but use pallets or skids to prevent moisture absorption.
If you're storing tables and other furniture, remove legs and store tabletops and sofas on end, to save space.
When storing metal items, to retard rust, wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil.

This pertains to all storage locker sizes, heated or unheated, with exterior or indoor access. Clearly label boxes so you know their contents, and keep a list (as well as pictures and descriptions) at your home or office for reference. Secure all movable parts with paper, or wedge and wrap a paper pad around each item for protection.
Make sure cartons are firmly and fully packed, with heavier items on bottom and lighter ones on top. Use a mattress bag to protect items such as box springs and mattresses, and use furniture covers for chairs and sofas. You alone control access to your storage space; therefore, never store live animals, perishables, liquids, explosives, flammable liquids and fuels, toxic materials, or other items that need a controlled environment.

Also, gather up plenty of sturdy, corrugated cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, sealing tape and marker pens, along with any furniture covers or shelving you intend to use in your storage unit. It makes me feel good that my stored items are very secure and I can access them whenever I want.
Wrap them individually in bubble wrap, and then secure them in the box with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper so there is no space for them to shift around. Fill boxes completely – this makes them stack more easily, and maximizes your storage space.

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