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Antiques are innately intricate because of their age, so use extra caution when packing and storing these valuable pieces. A thorough cleaning is recommended before putting antiques into self-storage for any length of time. Wrap fine art and framed paintings with glassine paper to protect these from dust, water, and grease then wrap each piece with a clear cling-wrap type plastic. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your precious antiques and art pieces will retain value while in self storage.
Guardian Self Storage is an authorized U-Haul dealer, offering truck rentals, boxes, and packing supplies.

Xtra Space provides storage facilities throughout South Africa, for personal and business needs. Due to the commercial success of their St Albans facility, Access Self Storage required an extension to the allowable hours of operation.
This will help prevent airborne dust particles and other allergens from settling and causing premature deterioration.
Wrap all of the parts and pieces individually, but keep them together so it will be easy to identify and re-assemble. These provide better protection than using ordinary cardboard boxes which is easily crushed. For any questions, call us at (330) 484-2031 or (330) 484-1370 or click here to send us an email..

For pieces of clothing that needfolded, place sheets of acid-free tissue paper between the folds to serve as buffer. A wooden chest with individual compartments for each piece is ideal to prevent scratching, but alternatively, you can roll each piece of silverware in soft cotton cloth.
RBA undertook noise monitoring assessments indicated that the store could operate under extended hours without any predicted disturbance.

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