Zippy Shell USA, LLC believes that we have a unique franchise opportunity that provides for a competitive advantage to get into the mobile self-storage industry.
Learn About Zippy Shell Franchise OpportunitiesZippy Shells combines both a patent pending technology and operating system, with a cost efficient model designed to serve the Mobile Self Storage market. Superior Delivery System Our patent pending Zippy Shell Unit allows you to deliver storage containers to customers without a specialized vehicle.
PROPRIETARY DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL!Over 50% of all customers who go into self storage do so at the point of a real estate transaction.
The top five operators control less than 10% of the market, with the top 50 controlling less than 15%. The average self storage facility has approximately 400 units and generally services a market area within a three mile radius. Mobile self storage is growing rapidly as a percent of total self storage: the largest mobile self storage operator is PODS, which has grown to the sixth largest storage operator by units in just ten years.
Get your piece of the dynamic storage market with an innovative mobile storage solution: Zippy Shell!
The company will continue to invest in the solution, which is offered to franchisees at no cost. Call right now if you want to speak to the Director of Franchise Development at Zippy Shell Mobile Self Storage!
MyWay Mobile Storage is the leading provider of do it yourself moving and portable storage.

Nothing is easier than using our portable storage units to take control of your moving and storage needs. Get started today with a free, no-obligation quote, and see how we can customize our moving and storage packages to fit your needs.
Learn about how you can benefit from MyWay Mobile Storages’ Safeboxes when your moving. To find out how to become a MyWay Mobile Storage franchise owner, fill out the information request form or call us at 1-888-336-9929. Established in 2002 in Hong Kong, and quickly becoming the largest self-storage provider in Asia, storefriendly provides a one-stop solution to householders and business owners seeking a solution to their home or office congestion problems. To get the best possible experience using our website, we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version, or other web browser.
If you are already using Internet Explorer version 8 or 9, please ensure the “Compatibility View” is turned off. I am happy to receive emails from and have my details passed on to carefully selected, relevant, third parties.
By sending this message, you confirm that you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy and Cookies Policy. We offer a low investment and competitive entry into the market!LOWER CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS!Storage containers can amount to over 80% of the capital investment in a mobile self storage business. Because it is a registered vehicle it can be parked in many places that do not permit typical storage containers.

National Property Inspections, Inc., was the only property inspection franchise included on the list, an honor that makes it stand out among its competitors. You can pack our portable storage units at your own pace, and when you're ready, we'll pick up your storage units and bring them back to our secure, climate controlled storage facility, or deliver them directly to your new address.
With more outlets in Singapore than any other operator you will always find a storefriendly conveniently located. Taking a ‘convenience store’ approach to self-storage, branches are located at convenient and accessible locations close to mass rapid transportation stations or popular traffic routes. Our first branch in Singapore opened in December 2011 and we now have 12 branches in Singapore with more in the pipeline. Please Upgrade to a newer version or other web browser to get the best possible experience using our website. The low cost of the Zippy Shell container, may provide up to a 50% savings versus our competition.

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