Our self storage facility located on Murphy Canyon Road, just 2 minutes north of the Qualcomm stadium, offers state-of-the-art security, an on-site resident manager, and recorded video surveillance cameras at key locations. Type your full address in the box below and get detailed driving directions to this facility.
Price Self Storage conveniently located just 2 minutes North of Qualcomm Stadium and close to I-15, 163, and I-805 freeways.
If you find that you need a different size unit, your reservation can be changed at move in. Self storage or self-service storage, refers to a single storage unit where a person can store their possessions. Businesses benefit from self storage too, since they can rent several units to store business possessions right before the completion of their office relocation—as an example. Many storage facilities do have set restrictions on what they allow customers to store on their property; this mainly ensures the protection of yourself, the staff and other customers—and your belongings too. When you do move, we hope you will trust our San Diego movers to safely get you where you’re going.

We provide self storage to residents in the areas of San Diego, Mission Valley, Kearny Mesa, Clairemont Mesa, Miramar, Mira Mesa, North Park, and surrounding areas.
If you're looking for RV or Boat storage, from a watercraft or a 40’ foot RV, we have a spot for you. We serve residents in the areas of San Diego, Mission Valley, Kearney Mesa, Clairemont Mesa, Miramar, Mira Mesa, North Park, and surrounding areas.
These storage units are generally rented out at a larger storage facility that houses several units on its premises.
If you were wondering, practically all modern self-service storage facilities have robust security systems, ensuring the possessions of their clients are safe from outside intruders. You likely have to sign a lease, confirming your agreement for following the facility’s terms and conditions.
Preparations can start with making a simple inventory of the items you’re planning to store. If you’re moving into a smaller place, as another example, the self-service storage unit can keep your extra possessions safe—until you move into a large place again.

Self storage units provide a safe place where people can put away their possessions, especially if they lack the space at home or in between moves. The thing is—the self storage unit can have a lot of use for anyone looking to make a big move. You might want to take this list to your storage facility manager to confirm which items are cleared for storage.
This is most effective if your new home is farther away from your old home, simplifying the process at least a month in advance. Don’t assume self storage is just an alternative place to store possessions—they can potentially be a necessary asset for your next move! In addition to a lock, you also want to get supplies like pallets, furniture covers and even rodent bait to prevent pests from bothering your possessions.

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