DAK Self Storage supports the innovation of  local entrepreneurs and small businesses and this includes those that operate primarily online. Dak Self Storage supports the local economy and encourages Berks County residents to shop local whenever possible. More and more small businesses owners are realizing the affordability of using self storage as an alternative for small business operations.
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As chair of the Sperry Van Ness® Self Storage Product Council, I am pleased to provide this quarterly report on the self storage industry. As most of you already know, this investment product sector is a niche industry with the real estate value dependent on the operating business component. This past year has seen a continued and  healthy improvement in the sector, led by the four public REIT’s that have had seven consecutive quarters of increased occupancies and revenue after nine consecutive quarters of losses beginning in 4Q 2008.  Public Storage remains the industry leader in  number of facilities across the country including its European division bought from the absorption of Shurgard operations some six years ago. New development of the product has been at a virtual standstill these past four years, which has helped supply catch up with demand in most markets as the industry doubled in size from one billion to two billion square feet from 1995 through 2006.  The dearth of new construction has created an opportunity for the larger operators to gain market share by having the capital to purchase existing facilities, especially in the top tier markets. The Sperry Van Ness organization has self storage specialists located across the country who can become a valued resource for you.  If you are interested in the investment opportunities in this area, reach out to the SVN advisor in your market and watch for opportunities to buy and sell as they become available. We have vast experience in move fragile items for our customers with house removals and we are now offering our services to commercial companies for light haulage in Chesterfield and surrounding areas.
We have 2 luton box vans ready to help you and with a combined goods in transit insurance cover upto ?20,000 and this can be raised upto ?350,000 for specialist loads. We carry securing straps, blankets and trolleys to move and keep loads safe while in transit.

We moved a gentleman from a 2 bed bungalow to another 2 bed bungalow from Eckington to Claycross. To get the sofa and a couple of large sideboards we took the front door off and an internal door which made life easier.
Today we loaded our luton box van ready for the transportation of furniture and boxes to cornwall tomorrow. It was a straight forward removal except the access, which was a 2nd floor flat to a 3rd floor flat. It was a simple ground floor flat to a ground floor flat, with a 3 seater sofa, 2 chairs, side unit, double bed, 2 single wardrobes, white goods and around 30 bags. We have a wealth of experience dealing with various size removals from a small flat to a large detached house.
Dismantling – we can help you dismantle the large pieces of furniture which will not leave whole.
Packaging – we can supply you with various size removal packs delivered direct to your door. Packing – we can help you pack your small belongings like crockery, books, clothes etc. Dismantling – we can help you dismantle the large pieces of furniture which will not leave your house whole. Small businesses and local entrepreneurs bring innovation and a stronger sense of community to our towns. Buying a warehouse or office (or even renting either) can be a costly proposition filled with fees and taxes.

This report is intended for owners, operators, vendors who service the self storage industry, investors in this particular product sector and the over 800 Sperry Van Ness advisors serving clients in 175 markets across the country.
Public Storage is also the leader in stock price at a high value this year at $130 price per share or three times the value of the next competitor, Extra Space. The coming year should be very interesting as those facilities that were financed with 10 year debt in 2003 will be coming to the market for either refinance or sale.  It remains to be seen how many of those properties have retained their value and will qualify for refinancing without a recapitalization.
We use luton box vans which are perfect for long distance work as theyWe do not have tacho graphs and can get in awkward access places.
The 2nd load we moved around 70 plant pots we we do not see on every removal but we completed it with ease. We offer excellent self storage solutions or house clearance for the unwanted furniture you no longer need. We are happy to offer affordable self storage solutions to entrepreneurs near Leesport, PA. In that regard, our industry is very similar to the hospitality industry.  However, the self storage industry has not yet found a way to “flag” the facilities and create brand awareness. We are a local family run company, we have many years experience dealing with all type of house moves.

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