Our skilled surveyors will assess which type of removal vehicle is best suited to your needs. At the point of collection a detailed inventory describing the content and condition will be produced and a copy left with you. Specialist padded covers are carried by all of our vehicles to wrap certain items prior to them being moved from their original position and are not taken off again until they reach their final place in your new home. If you have large or unusual items we have access to most specialist pieces of equipment such as grand piano shoes, sack trucks, tail lift vehicles and various trolleys.
Our staff are trained in the handling of special items such as grandfather clocks, grand pianos, normal upright pianos and more up to date items such as computers, modern TVs and even the moving of motorbikes and cars. For most removals Castles Removals of Kent will send a surveyor to visit your home to discuss your requirements and assess how much there is to move plus any other facets of your move that would need to be addressed.
If the access is difficult for our larger lorries at either your present home or your new one, provided you have let us know in good time, we can take advantage of our diverse fleet of vehicles and adapt to suit the problem. Castles staff are all trained to pack to the highest standards and are supplied with the best materials available today. If you decide to pack yourself we can help provide all of the materials you may require prior to your moving day.
We take care to find out your removal needs and provide a service that is personal to you in every detail. The warehouse is specially designed for containerised storage to minimise handling and to keep your goods clean, dry and secure. All items other than oversized items such as ladders and large sofas will fit in our standard units.
If you are moving to another area and have concern about the access to your new home we simply call our office nearest to your new home and ask them to take a look for us.
Should you require a packing service we will be pleased to be able to quote for this invaluable service. It is not as expensive as you might think and allows you to live as normally as possible prior to the moving day. Just think, you might not have to take those extra days off work or disrupt the children until the last possible moment.

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