Spare Roomis Australia’s largest purpose-built storage facility, with 25,000 square metres of spotless secured storage space incorporating easy drive-thru access (under cover) and is open 7 days for your convenience. We offer a wide variety of storage units, so you won’t have to pay for unnecessary space and can also act as the perfect extension for your business premises.
Rent A Space is a 100% Australian owned business and has been in operation for over 35 years. We have 11 self storage sites around Sydney and are proud foundation members of the Self Storage Association of Australia.
We have storage units ranging from 1 cubic metre locker sizes, to closets and all the way up to double garages. We recommend talking with one of our storage experts to ensure you never pay for space you don't need.
About one in three Solar Choice customers are asking about energy storage for solar power, but few have a clear idea of how much battery capacity they need. The list below presents the most popular uses of energy storage, sorted in descending order from greatest degree of energy independence to lowest degree of energy independence. Peak time independence: Install a system large enough to cover your electricity usage when grid electricity is most expensive. Energy storage as emergency backup: Install a small energy storage system to be used mainly in the event of a short power outage. Choosing the right energy storage system capacity can be significantly more complicated and subjective than deciding on the right solar PV system size – mainly because of the greater number of variables involved. Solar Choice is in the process of developing a tool that will help our customers to get an estimate of the right energy storage system size. Amount of energy storage available at the beginning of the day depends on battery state of charge from the night before. If it is impossible for the solar-plus-batteries system to meet 100% of demand, battery power is prioritiesed for use during peak & shoulder rate times. Electricity consumption level and pattern do not change between months and seasons (admittedly a big assumption). In this instance, the solar energy system is too small to both meet electricity demand and charge the batteries – even for peak demand. Black line indicates electricity consumption, yellow line indicates solar system power output, purple line indicates battery state of charge (right axis), blue bars indicate solar power into battery, red bars indicate solar export to grid, orange area indicates self-consumed solar, purple area indicates electricity demand met by storage, and grey area indicates electricity demand met by grid.
This example is the same as Example 1, except for a larger solar system – 10kW instead of 5kW. Without an energy storage system, a typical 7kW solar system would send about 70% of the electricity it produces into the grid for this household on the average day. The table below shows that the optimal battery size for this home would be about 15kWh, which allows for self-sufficiency and near 100% battery capacity utilisation in the peak of summer.
On the back of the success of our informative and impartial Solar Quote Comparisons, Solar Choice is currently in the process of developing an online comparison platform for energy storage solutions – for retrofit and brand new installations.
About Latest Posts James Martin IIJames has been working as analyst and online development manager for Solar Choice since 2011.
In your analysis, your third example of an energy efficient household consumed 15kw per day.. Why is it still common practise to have either multiple days worth of power stored in battery banks and or to augment pv with a gen set when increasing the PV array and adding another charge controller is a more cost effective solution? If I’m understanding you correctly, you bring up a very interesting point – why not just install more PV (which will still generate some power even on a rainy day) rather than installing pricey batteries? Thanks again for your thoughts – this is something that we will certainly bear in mind for future analysis – especially when our research concerns going off-grid or achieving a high level of energy independence! A mostly wild-guess would tell me than I need at least a 25kWh battery storage which would still be “wasting” a lot of generation to the grid during summer? There will be an announcement when our tool becomes live, if you want to join our mailing list (you’ll find a signup field to the left of this page). By our estimates, 20kW solar and 40kWh of storage would allow you daily energy independence on average and in summer. Hope this helps – happy to try to help you out with further details if you have more questions.
I may be misreading it, but the coloured graphs for Examples 1 & 2 for different amounts of PV appear to be exactly the same? To place an order select the quantity of each item you require and your preferred pick up location, then click on BUY BOXES ON-LINE. A BIG box suitable for many household items such as clothes, linen, toys and appliances - the most popular moving and storage box. A slightly smaller thicker wall box than the book and wine carton above for fragile items such as wine glasses, crystal, fine crockery. Packaging Paper (Butchers Paper) is a useful clean option for packing crockery, glass and valuables into boxes, or to fill voids in boxes to prevent movement inside. It's a versatile protective option for furniture, electrical goods and commercial products. Delivery is temporarily unavailable, but orders can still be picked up from our Frenchs Forest & Chatswood sites.

Delivery within the Central West NSW areas (Orange, Lithgow, Bathurst, Cowra, Forbes, Young, Parkes, Dubbo, Mudgee and some surrounding areas). Order can be picked up from our Frenchs Forest site during business hours with no delivery charge. Order can be picked up from our Chatswood site during business hours with no delivery charge.
Order can be picked up from our Orange NSW office during business hours with no delivery charge. Storage is a modern day dilemma and we are all living in smaller spaces with more fashion items. Talk to any of our friendly staff to chat about your what types of storage your after and we can find a monthly rate that will work for you. Affordable self storage Northern Beaches, renting cheap portable storage containers from our local self storage facility located in 2 of our locations Northern Beaches. If you’re thinking of Storage in Manly you should consider our safe and secure premises in Brookvale.
At the end of the day there are costs involved with moving house, Big Chief pricing is low $$. Global Self Storage in Penrith is only 8km from St Marys and we have self storage solutions with secure & safe storage spaces plus cardboard boxes, cartons and all your packaging needs.
Christmas can be a busy time of year… Often we have family coming to stay and need extra room. Our storage experts will help you determine the best size for your needs and more often than not save you money by ensuring you’re not paying for space you don’t need. Queen bed, chest of drawers, bedside table, fridge, washing machine, 3 seater lounge, coffee table, bookshelf, 10 boxes or approximately 60 to 90 boxes.
If you’re looking for materials to make your move a little bit easier, Rent a Space has a huge range of storage boxes, carry bags, wine storers, protective inserts and more to help you out.
This all-purpose packing box is ideal for non-breakable household items such as clothing, toys, small appliances and linen.
Moulded fibre wine inserts designed to keep your wine bottles flat and provides insulation and protection during moving or storage. High grade and durable packing tape to keep your boxes intact and closed even after extended storage. Protect your mattress, chairs or lounge from marking, dust, water and dirt during moving and storage. A useful and clean option for packing your crockery, glass and valuables into boxes, or to fill voids in boxes to prevent movement inside.
Looking for something else or wondering if your local Rent a Space store has the products you’ll need for your move? Our store has a variety of room sizes, from locker size up to double garage size, with about 25 different sizes in between, so you can be sure that we will have a storage unit to suit your needs.
All rooms are clean, bright and secure with great undercover loading bays to keep you out of the weather and complimentary trolleys to move your goods into the storage room. Our modern facility offers state of the art security to give you peace of mind when you store with us. Rent a Space offers a free truck and driver move-in service at our Moore Park storage facility. Our Moore Park building is easily accessible from the Inner West and Eastern Sydney via South Dowling Street, making it a perfect location for residents in Newtown, Waterloo, Kingsford, Surry Hills, Redfern or Paddington.
Alexandria, Annandale, Balmain, Bondi, Bondi Junction, Broadway, Camperdown, Coogee, Darlington, Eastgardens, Enmore, Kensington, Kings Cross, Leichhardt, Mascot, Newtown, Paddington, Randwick, Rozelle, Rushcutters Bay, St Peters, Stanmore, Surry Hills, Sydney Airport, Tempe, Ultimo, Waterloo, Woolloomooloo.
Why not store goods off-site where they’re secure from vandalism and loss and free up that additional space. With a wide range of boxes, tape, protective covers and locks we have all your packaging needs wrapped up. Use the Spare Room Space Calculator and you’ll find it easy to work out the right size storage unit for your goods. When you store with Spare Room, you know your goods or personal possessions are in safe hands.
Whatever space you need we can find a solution and make it stress free with the use of our free truck and driver.
This article takes a look at the factors that come into play when considering how to choose the right amount of battery capacity for your solar-plus-storage system, using some specific examples examining the case for installing energy storage in Sydney. While this may be a popular aspiration, taking your home or business off-grid is more often than not financially impracticable or just not possible to do with solar-plus-storage alone (especially if you have limited roof space for panels).
During the winter (and possibly autumn and spring) you’ll have to draw power from the grid to meet deficits. If your usage is higher, the outlay for a system that will meet your daily needs will also be more substantial; you may wish to look at ways to reduce your electricity consumption, or consider a lower degree of energy independence. Examples of these patterns can be seen in the graph below; they are also discussed in further detail in this article. If, for example, you are currently exporting lots of solar to the grid at low feed-in tariff rates, you may want a larger amount of storage capacity to capture it.

This tool will soon be available to the public, but for now we have published some examples from Sydney below. This means that the battery will only have a charge in the morning if there was solar electricity remaining from the day before (after being used to run appliances and charge batteries).
Furthermore, a battery bank larger than 10kWh would probably not ever be fully charged on solar alone – the home would need to charge it with the grid at night in order for its full capacity to ever be utilised. With the larger solar array it is possible to achieve a high degree of energy independence with 15kWh or 20kWh of battery storage.
In this case, the goal of sizing the energy storage system would be to absorb the excess solar power for later use (without energy storage the solar capacity should be reduced to 1.5-2kW for optimal financial benefit). If the battery’s size were in increased to 20kWh, however, it would not be possible to charge it using solar alone, so about 25% of its capacity would never be used unless the household charges using the grid or with a generator.
If you’d like to be informed when this new service goes live, please enter your details into the form below and we will be in touch.
He holds a master's degree in Environmental Management from UNSW, and a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Bridgewater State University in his native Massachusetts.
I found it helpful, however I was wondering why with pv becoming so cheap does the model for energy storage not change to reflect this shift?
For winter, you’d still be getting about 40-50% of your electricity from the grid unless you cut your electricity consumption then. Re-organizing our items of furniture and clothing is the perfect #storage solutions for long or short term periods.
We have been involved in removals for over 15 years and gained expertise in all aspects of removals. Global Self Storage also offer small storage units that might just be able to help you out for a few months while you need that extra space.
Residential, business, personal and car storage are our specialties and all our units are individually alarmed to ensure the best security for your goods. The majority of our customers save money as 7 out of 10 storers believe they need more space than they actually do.
The Port A Robe wardrobe box is ideal for packing tall, large and bulky clothes such as dresses, coats and jackets.
It is ideal for Manilla folders, paperwork, documents, account books, tapes, DVDs or other archival materials. This super heavy duty box keeps your TV upright and provides protection during the moving process. Use it in conjunction with the 6 bottle wine insert (sold separately) to keep your wine flat and protected. The 4 easy-to-read dials give you up to 10,000 possible combinations that will keep intruders guessing. All locks come with 3 keys so you can keep the spares at home and in your car for whenever you need access.
The dispenser has an ergonomic grip handle and a cutting teeth protector for when the tape is not in use.
We’ll send the truck and driver your way – all you’ll need is a friend who owes you a favour to help load and unload. You will likely have to rely on the grid as a backup if there is a multi-day spate of bad weather during which your solar panels haven’t managed fill up your battery bank. Please note that these results are rough estimates, and should not act as a substitute for recommendations based on your individual circumstances. 7kWh is probably a good battery bank size to have because it strikes a balance between utilisation of excess solar and not oversizing the battery.
However, in order for this home to achieve full self-sufficiency on the average day, it would probably be necessary to shift more electricity consumption to daylight hours and try to reduce their overall usage as much as possible (possible through simple energy efficiency measures). We will also let you know when our energy storage system sizing tool is available on our website. We have tailored our costs to suit every budget from small units to large 6 bedroom homes & Offices.
All of our managers are trained storage experts and will talk you through the storing process.
The long shackle gives an added layer of versatility without sacrificing security, which makes it ideal for storage units. Installing a larger battery bank would only be worthwhile if the home had a larger solar array. Alternatively, if you filled out the inverter capacity to a full 10kW of solar, that would afford you roughly 50% energy independence on average and roughly 65% independence in the summer (without sending too much solar into the grid).
Store your belongings with us and discover the many benefits of Rent A Space Self Storage in Sydney.

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