Storage Solutions is a secure, public storage facility that has been providing self-storage rental for businesses and residences in Mississauga since 1997. Mississauga culture is developing as the community grows - Mississauga hosts large festivals and events including Carassauga, the Bread and Honey Festival and Buskerfest and even within Mississauga there are sub-communities such as Port Credit, Erin Mills and Streetsville. Storage Solutions, a secure facility, offers flexible, scalable self-storage as a rental solution. Mississauga is home to many public storage facilities, but their location means higher prices for less space.
Using your Storage Solutions access card creates a record of when you were in and out of our secure facility, and it also forces you to keep track of where your access card is. Centre Wellington Self Storage is a clean and secure storage facility in Fergus, Ontario (just outside of Guelph). We provide a wide range of self storage units that are available for both residential and commercial storing.
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Call 519-341-1803 for more information or to reserve your mini-storage unit at no cost today! You may tour our Self Storage Facility by clicking on the pictures to the left and right of the page.
As you will see by viewing the pictures, Self Storage 6 is an extremely service oriented company, which projects a professional image from our office to our units.
Our entry is designed to be user friendly, with proximity card readers for easy access and egress. We have a wide variety of sizes in units to meet our customer’s requirements, as well as boxes and packing and moving supplies.
We offer outdoor parking storage to accommodate RV’s, Campers, Trailers, Motorhomes, Boats, Vans and various vehicles of almost any given dimension. We look forward to serving your Cambridge Ontario boxes and packing needs, please visit our showroom to view all of our boxes and packing supplies! Mississauga is home to Torontoa€™s Pearson International Airport and many major corporate headquarters for Canada.
Space has become a premium in Mississauga with many small businesses looking for affordable space for their inventory. Many garages and basements are filled with residentsa€™ belongings, encroaching on living space and leaving little room for car parking. Parked or stopped vehicles can be towed at the ownera€™s expense so you have to park your cars in your driveway or garage, or elsewhere.
Our secure facility has digital video surveillance and we require you to secure your rental storage container and unit with your own lock and key.

National data tells us that in almost all cases of theft, the thief knows the owner of the goods and is looking for a specific, high-value item. Our public storage facility access card does not have the Storage Solutions logo, on it (on purpose), but please, report any lost or stolen access cards immediately to us! Disc locks and other quality locks make a lot of noise and take longer to cut, so they are great deterrents.
Put lower-value, boring items towards the front of your unit and higher value items towards the back. Centre Wellington Self-Storage provides a wide range of features and amenities that are specifically tailored to your storage needs, complete with industry leading security features to give you peace of mind. Because of these jobs, Mississauga has long attracted new residents and businesses and continues to grow.
Every business has a room of inventory or equipment that isna€™t used daily but still needs to be kept. Storage Solutions has an 8a€™x20a€™ storage container and unit or an 8a€™xa€™40a€™ storage container and unit that we feel offers great solutions. Leta€™s face it though, if your car is parked on the street a€“ your garage and driveway are already full!
In addition, each storage container and unit at our secure, public storage facility is fully enclosed with steel which means nothing gets in a€“ especially vermin and thieves. Wouldna€™t it be nice to pay less to store these items and free up valuable warehouse space?

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