Here are some tips on clever uses of self storage units – a concept which if utilised more could help you de-clutter your home and allow you to feel happier about your newfound space.
If you have kids you know full well that as they grow out of beds and clothes and get too old for certain toys the mountain of things just gets bigger and bigger.
The key to utilising self storage units cleverly is to find out which larger items, or large quantities of items, you only need occasionally or at set times in one year.
With 24-hour access to all of your property, the storage services of White Plains Self-Storage in White Plains, Maryland, can't be beat. Contact us today in White Plains, Maryland, and keep your property safe thanks to our self-storage units and storage services. Many of us live in small houses and flats, have tiny gardens or yards, and whilst we might have enough bedrooms it is a common problem that there isn’t enough general storage space in our houses.
Make it a habit to assess your shed and garden situation when the cold weather starts to set in around autumn time. You might not want to throw everything out that they don’t use anymore, for example to keep some memories or in case you have another baby.

De-cluttering your home will make you feel more positive about the space you have at your disposal and get rid of any annoyance for the lack of space you’ve had for years. Choose our month-to-month rental options, and place your most prized possessions in a safe and secure place. Most likely you’ll find there are things you don’t need during the winter, such as emptied plant pots for this year’s annual plants and vegetables, bikes that are not used in the winter, manual lawn mowers, barbeque (but you might not be able to store coal and gas driven barbeques), garden chairs and other furniture.
Whilst you can give some things away to charity or lend them to friends or family who might need them, move the rest of the things you want to keep to a self-storage unit. Why not utilise your spare room to your benefit rather than just having a bed there which might only be used around 3 times per year? At our storage facility, we provide well lit, monitored, and gated units for your convenience. Remove the things that are cluttering up your home or office and let us take care of them for you. Moving these items into a self storage unit de-clutters your garden and frees space in the shed, if you have one, for other garden things which you might need all year like ladders, spades and even car equipment that can safely be stored in a shed.

Cots, Moses baskets, bedding and clothes, as well as books and toys that are not being used are much better off away from your house than in it. Make it into a library if you don’t wish to store your books in your living space, use it as an office or a hobby room, or even a big walk in wardrobe.
This could potentially free some space in your loft or at the top of your wardrobe and will help get the space looking tidy again. We also offer home storage options for stuffed closets, overflowing garages, and motorcycles, bicycles, cars, or boats.

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