Self Storage FacilitiesBest customer service at the most competitive prices in the industry of mini-storageNeed Help? Each Load-N-Lock Storage facility sponsors a child through World Vision from a 3rd world country on a monthly basis.
When you're ready, you can see unit availability, pricing, features and reserve your storage unit.
Our mission is to provide our tenants with the cleanest, most secure storage facility while accommodating every customer's moving and storage needs through effective management of a highly motivated and well trained staff. Clarksville was Tennesseea€™s first incorporated city in 1785, named after Revolutionary War hero, George Rogers Clark. Here on our Clarksville, Tennessee facilities page you will find a listing of storage facilities all of which are ready to serve your storage needs. With so many variations in Clarksville storage unit sizes, it's hard to know exactly what size will work best for you.
One of the factors to keep in mind as you search for self storage in Clarksville Tennessee is what features the facility offers.
Three Easy Ways to Own a My Storage UnitMy Storage offers direct sales for our units for only $2,499. If you want a more structured way to get your My Storage unit paid for, you can use our accelerated lease program.
With several options our portable storage units are the perfect choice now and later.A  Forget renting a storage locker when you can own your own storage building for the same price! The post Three Easy Ways to Own a My Storage Unit appeared first on Portable Mini Storage Units.Affordable Utility Shed DimensionsLooking for a Utility Shed? Whether you’re storing lawn and garden equipment, ATVs, workout equipment, or furniture, My Storage makes it easy. Each unit is all-steel construction with welded metal frames and 26-gauge metal siding and roofing.
The post Portable Self-Storage for Home, Office, or Business appeared first on Portable Mini Storage Units.Why portable self storage units are a great choiceWhether you need extra space to store unused items, or are in need of a backyard storage shed for tools and lawn equipment, our portable self storage units are a great option. Call today to get one of our portable self storage units and make sure you have a place for everything so you can put everything in its place. We also offer an accelerated lease program for customers who want to pay off their portable storage units a little bit sooner.
For just $59 a month, we’ll bring the convenience of self storage right to your front door with one of our portable units.
The post Portable Self Storage: Space on Demand appeared first on Portable Mini Storage Units.Why Portable Storage?
For just $59 a month, My Storage brings the convenience of self storage right to your home or office. Place your storage unit in the path of an existing motion detecting flood light, or place an additional flood light on your house pointing to the shed.

Here at My Storage, we take every step possible to ensure that the structure of our units is secure.
While they may seem small at first glance, mini storage units can hold an amazing amount of stuff when you follow a few organizational tips.
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West Bellfort storage Houston provides the completely safe, secure, clean & affordable storage units. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Our family owned and operated facility boasts a Resident Manager, an on-site U-Haul truck rental, and professional-quality supplies sold on property.
No two storage buildings are built the same; many facilities have a state of the art electronic gate or a video surveillance system. The unit price is the same – $2,499, and you are free to cancel or use your rental credit and pay your balance off at anytime. With no credit checks and no down payment, you’ll be on the fast track to owing your My Storage unit.
Our units are built with 26-gauge metal siding and roof, a galvanized door threshold, and a flush-mounted chateau locking system. Many people’s homes become overly cramped with keepsakes and heirlooms that simply must be kept.
Each unit can hold an entire family room of furniture or the contents of two full bedrooms. Read on to see more about why you should choose a portable self storage unit for your storage solutions. But the best part is this: 40% of each rental payment accrues in a reserve account as a credit toward the purchase of your building. It’s also good to keep a catalog of your more costly belongings that includes their serial numbers and photos. Having all of that heavy equipment chained together will make it too much effort for a thief to want to deal with. By following the steps listed above, you can rest assured that what you put into your unit will stay there until you take it out. If you choose to purchase rather than rent your storage unit, you can easily wire for electricity, insulate, add air conditioning, and whatever else you’d like.
It doesn’t have to be highly intricate, but it should give you a general idea of where you’ll put different types of belongings.
Remember that the entire area of the mini storage unit is yours to utilize, from the floor to the ceiling.
It’s easy to forget what items went into which box when you’re putting things in storage, so mark your containers with their contents for easy reference later on.

If you’re in the San Antonio area, we strongly recommend that you drop by Handy Space today and check out our mini storage units and see all the advantages that we offer our customers. We also sell boxes and packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape, mattress cover including U-Haul trucks on rent, etc.
Once you find your way to us, you’ve found all you need for a successful self storage experience. Famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix and recording artist Little Richard were born in Clarksville, as well as several professional athletes.
If that price is outside of your budget, we offer two great leasing programs so you can start using your unit now. With My Storage, you’ll have the security of knowing that all of your valuables are safe and protected.
And who wants to pack their garage or attic so full that nothing can be found when it’s needed. Just make sure you hire an expert or know your way around these types of materials and remember, safety first!
Use plastic bins with lids if you can, and if these aren’t available use corrugated cardboard boxes that are built to hold a large amount of weight, such as those used to ship canned goods. The small amount of effort you put into this will pay off later with added convenience and peace of mind. Clarksville is known for the historic Austin Peay State University and many attractions such as the Clarksville Speedway racetrack, Beachaven wineries, Roxy Theatre, and Historic Collinsville.
Some of our residential customers use our units to store tools and lawn equipment, while others use them as a personal gym or private workshop. Think of all the items you can store: inventory and seasonal products, archive documents, motorcycles and ATVs, lawn equipment, workout equipment a€“ you name it. Take advantage of using multiple units for specific product lines and promotions.Building ContractorsStore paperwork, records, invoices and even equipment in our Insulated Storage Units. The best way to accomplish this is to sketch the unit’s interior, marking where you’ll put items like furniture, kitchen goods, clothes, books, and collectibles.
Wooden or metal barrels make excellent storage containers if you don’t mind their weight and bulk. Throughout Clarksville, you can find several self storage and mini storage facilities serving the communitya€™s storage needs.
Whether you need more space and convenience that your attic allows, or your business needs an extra room for supply storage, My Storage can bring that convenience straight to your front a€“ or back a€“ door in an instant. Business ranging from banks to body shops have used our buildings to store archived documents, retail parts, cleaning supplies, extra inventory, dry goods, maintenance equipment, and office furniture, just to name a few.

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