Mission Bay Self Storage in Boca Raton, Florida, will host its second multi-family community yard sale and family fun day on Saturday, October 18.
To keep children entertained while parents are shopping, there will be a bounce house and trick-or-treat goodies. People interested in being a vendor or in having a booth to sell items can call 561-470-8884 to reserve a space. All proceeds from the food booths and space sales will be donated to the West Boca Chamber of Commerce. For other self storage facilities that are interested in holding a community yard sale, there are several things to keep in mind to make it a successful event.

Make sure you have plenty of marketing materials at your facility that explain unit sizes and rates.
Items for sale include clothing, jewelry, furniture, collectibles, housewares, and an assortment of other goods. First, check with the city officials to see if any permits are needed or if there are any city regulations that might affect the event. This builds goodwill in the community and gives your self storage facility further favorable advertising. Other access to storage units on the day of the yard sale will also be limited.  Those needing access to their storage unit that day are encouraged to plan ahead accordingly.

Ask your local radio station and newspaper to announce your yard sale along with other community events.
Self storage customers should contact the facility’s office especially if they need to access a stored vehicle or boat on that day.

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