NeiL Mac is web enthusiast filled with passion and obsession for creating something unique and incomparable. When looking for a shade of pink, I just pick something soft and pastel, and call it a day. With blues, every time I look at the blue, it seems to change a little, and they always look so different under different lighting as well.
When I try to categorize blues, I categorize them in terms of navy, light blue, teal, and purple blues, and this bright cobalt-ish blue. My guess is that there are certain colors, like pink and peach, that are in style right now and they are limited in the color range, making it easy to pick a certain shade. But with blues, not only is it a much larger group of colors, it’s so hard to get the right shade and feel. I have even thought about changing from a light blue to a mint color, which I can see also be really pretty in our venue.

You can order free swatches from J.Crew, that will give you a good impression of the color. I am considering doing the BMs in an ombre array of blues… getting lighter up to the MOH. You can also scan the QR code below with your phone to save the Facebook cover directly to your mobile device. With the peach, it was a little more difficult to pick something that was more pinkish than orange, but it was at least doable. I know companies can’t afford to pick every color imaginable, so they have to choose which they think will be the most popular, but the blue options really suck. The mint has many of the same problems though, and mint limits our choices since many things don’t even have a mint option. Or just pm me and I can send you a pic from one of my bridesmaids when she was trying on the dresses!

Originally I wanted a cornflower or robins blue shade as well but couldn’t find cheap bridesmaid dresses in the shade I wanted. We ultimately went with a bit of a tealish blue bm dress, and I didn’t try to match the blues to anything else at all. Either way, I can keep whining about it all day but that isn’t going to change the situation. I ended up just picking the bridesmaid dresses and they had them in a Malibu blue color from David’s Bridal so now I am trying to match everything else to that same shade as much as possible.

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