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Almost everyone likes some shade of the color blue.In 1999 Pantone named the sky blue color of Cerulean as the color of the new millennium. In fact, time after time I would pass up blue clothing and accessories for verdant shades such as lime, jade and emerald. In fact, today we profile these very shades and show you just how they can make an impact on your interior.
In fact, I quickly grew to realize the shades of blue that rubbed me the wrong way as a kid were just that–a couple of shades in a very big sea of azure options.

Note how this shade works well in combination with lime green accents, as illustrated by the seating, pillows and spider mums in the image below. There’s something about floral wallpaper juxtaposed with this rich shade of Monaco Blue that creates a regal, crisp and decadent feel.
In fact, this hi-gloss entryway designed by Lilly Bunn Weekes features lacquered peacock blue walls, the perfect way to set an elegant tone. In fact, there’s a definite fresh look that results from a combination of peacock blue and bright white. In fact, in this stately room, gold and turquoise combine in the ornate brocade wallpaper, setting the stage for an array of details in both shades. Floor-to-ceiling drapes and a vivid throw draped over the bed serve as bold turquoise statements in this modern eclectic space.

Did you know that ice blue is often a neutral shade for modern spaces, such as the contemporary-meets-traditional bedroom below? Don’t hesitate to layer shades of blue for a powerful effect! [from Plum Interiors]Ice blue bedroomOur final featured room plays up the refreshing aspects of blue, particularly when ice blue is used in the powder room. Perhaps you like the jolt of color achieved through turquoise blue, or maybe you’re a fan of icy blue’s subtle impact!

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