A website co-sponsored by Vanderbilt University Libraries, Middle Tennessee State University Walker Library, and the MTSU Center for Historic Preservation, with generous support from the Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area. YSL La Lacque Couture in Gris Deco #23 has been on my wish list for ages ever since YSL revamped their nail polishes.
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It was my first attempt to participate in a humorous speech contest, in fact, the first ever speech contest (Toastmasters) I've joined. On the 5th May, 2013 I gave my last and final speech in the Competent Communicator's Series.
In order to keep my spirit going, soon after I gave my first ice-breaker in the Toastmaster’s educational meeting, I did my second competent communicator task on the following meeting. I have joined the Toastmaster’s on 21 March 2011, due to a courteous invitation from an affiliate.

I'm loving the vibrant bright colors for summer but also craving colors that are either more subdued or darker for fall.
The brush is on the thick side which made it a bit difficult for me to get a clean application. The packaging is so elegant and I find the coverage more lacquer than polish like By Terry. Comment moderation is enabled please do not leave links to blogs, advertising, giveaways etc. It also made me had some sleepless nights as CC5 is for the evaluator to evaluate on my body language when giving my speech.
On the fingers depending on the light sometimes it looks more blue, other times more white or grey. I am quite smitten with the pale opaque grey nail lacquers at the moment although I also love a good dove grey color.

But what I want to share with you today is not about whether you are happy or not, but rather how can you be happy.
It applies very smoothly with two coats on the nails as long as you have a good base coat underneath. Walker Library, Middle Tennessee State UniversityRights:Images reproduced on this website are intended for individual, educational use only. For research inquiries about specific objects or requests for high resolution images, contact the East Tennessee Historical Society.

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