Oregon’s male deer and elk naturally shed their antlers at this time of year (only to regrow them in spring and summer). Rob Tanner, co-founder of Oregon Shed Hunters, believes more people are enjoying the sport of shed hunting.
While this year’s mild winter has made conditions easier for big game, it could also mean they get disturbed more than usual.
Monitoring winter range closures and travel restrictions are a priority for Oregon State Police at this time of year. Elk antlers begin re-growing soon after they are shed, with most growth happening in spring and summer months. People who collect shed antlers are allowed to sell or exchange them, but certain rules apply. Several ODFW managed wildlife areas and Travel Management Areas are closed during the winter to protect big game on winter range. Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area (La Grande): Lands west of Foothill Road closed to entry Feb.
Prineville Reservoir Wildlife Area (Maury and Ochoco Units): Closed to motorized vehicle access Nov.
Cabin Lake-Silver Lake Winter Range (Paulina, Silver Lake, Fort Rock Units): Closed to motor vehicle use Dec. Starkey Experimental Forest Enclosure (Starkey Unit): Closed to all public entry Nov. Ingrid Lund, 4, of rural Carlton County, found this shed antler while she was out for a walk with her dad, Al Lund, last Thursday night near their home. Al Lund and his 4-year-old daughter, Ingrid, went for a little walk in the woods last Thursday evening before bedtime. Duluth News Tribune outdoors writer Sam Cook has been covering the outdoors up north for 36 years. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The cast resin Mule Deer Shed Antler makes the perfect accent to any cabin and rustic décor. Divide, excluding the Great Divide Basin, from January 1 through April 30 of each calendar year.
My hunting partner ( combine pilot ) and I finished our 2012 shed hunting season last weekend.

Mike very nice hall for sure you kicked ass on your shed hunt this spring ,congrats to you and your friend on some very nice finds..
OSH will host its 10th annual Group Shed Hunt the weekend of March 14, 2015 near Fort Rock. Buck deer usually shed theirs from late December through March, and bull elk from late February through early April.
Shed hunters using motor vehicles can put wildlife on the move when these animals need to be conserving valuable energy reserves. The ground is water-logged at this time of year and off-roading in the wrong place can damage critical wildlife and fish habitat.
Deer and elk might need to be in that spot for food or cover, and your presence will keep them from it. Only naturally shed antlers, antlers detached from the skull, or a skull split apart can be sold or exchanged.
Follow him as he shares stories and images from his rambles in northern Minnesota, northwestern Wisconsin and beyond, often with his yellow dog at his side.
Please contact me forinformation on sending your skull cap mount to me to turninto an Antler Dreamcatcher mount.The two pictures on the right are a commission.
They are madethe same way as the Antler Dreamcatcherswith all natural supplies and your choiceof semi-precious stones.
We can discuss what semi-precious stones, totems, and such and I can give you a time frame of how long it will take to complete.
We have taken our replication process from our other rustic decor items and matched the authentic finish. I can't believe I haven't come across a moose shed with all the ground I have covered this year. Kirsch cites resource damage (from vehicles using unimproved roads or going cross country), gates left open, trespassing and movement of animals to private agricultural land where they cause damage as some common problems seen from unethical shed hunting. Some ODFW wildlife areas are entirely closed to public access during late winter; other areas have road and travel restrictions.
This makes antlers ready in time for breeding season (in September for elk and November for deer), when male deer or elk will fight for dominance using their antlers. For antlers detached from the skull or skulls split apart, the seller must have legally taken the game part (e.g. During the walk, they were lucky enough to find a shed antler left behind by a white-tailed deer.

The hunterwanted the top mount turned into a Dreamcatcher mount butthe Antler spread was too oblong and uneven to weave aDreamcatcher in.
Our totals were 11 moose, 3 elk , 25 mule deer and a whitetail skull that scores about 130. We don't care about your dog or what you do for a living or how you bake a bloody pie from scratch!
Looks like you found a bunch of right sides but no lefts for those moose, no matching pairs? So he supplied me with another set ofset of Antlers from a deer his son took for me to weave the  Dreamcatcher in.
Our best day for weight was last week when we found 5 moose ranging between 13 and 16 pounds each, 3 were brown.
We don't watch Oprah or shower at a 10 day hunting camp, we eat pork and beans with the knife we gut Deer with,we blow our nose with our fingers and the Regs are used for Toilet Paper! Skull caps will be  covered with real fur and mounted if wished upon wood ofyour choice.
Only after I have discussed with the client there personal tastes will I begin work on a Dreamcatcher. We had a very warm winter with little snow so the animals seemed to be spread out more than normal, making shed hunting tougher this year. Not sure where they are dropping but there must be a pile of them out there around Kamloops. The wood can be sliced such as in the 10 pointerpictured in the left picture or it could be mounted on avertically sliced piece of wood with bark so it looks like it's ona tree. Over all it was a good season with lots of excercice and we also found about 10 more moose and 2 elk that were not worth packing out.
10 nice browies and a few that were new but in the sun so one side is faded but dark on the bottom.

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