Bucks drop their antlers depending on the amount of stress on the buck after the rut, heredity and nutrition. Last year I was scouting in Ohio on March 24 and was still finding 1-2 day old buck rubs on trees.
This all means the bucks are in good shape and should have a head start at developing good antlers this in 2013 since they’re not coming out of a nutritional deficit.
Jake had bucks on his trail cam in December with no antlers, but he has lots of bucks on his property which compete with each other during the rut. They both have a high buck population by design with lots of does to go around which is part of the reason they see more bucks than any other hunter I know.

But the deer on their property still do well nutritionally because of all the food in plots still available well into winter, lots of secure bedding, little to no hunting pressure in December, lots of winter browse from hinge cuts and natural browse from new forbs that grow due to opening up the canopy in their woods, and of course all the food they plant the following year. Disclaimer: The Whitetail Ambush Secrets team’s videos and articles involve the use of some potential life threatening activities such as the use of tractors and other farm equipment, chain saws, the felling of trees, use of certain agricultural chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials and activities. Come join us May 16-17, 2014 for one of the most amazing displays of shed antlers in the world! The shed antler festival is held at Alan Ellsworth’s barn which is full of the most amazing elk, coues and mule deer antlers. He and Jim routinely shoot bucks that have been gourd by other bucks and are in pretty rough shape.

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