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My pubshed was built in April 2010 out of a 12 x 8, with a view to watching England march on to glory in the world cup (oh dear! I believe that our project is a true 'Pub-Shed' in every sense of the word, as 'It used to be my shed, and now it's my pub!!' :-) I have already had many great nights with friends & family in the 3 lions, and I very often have the lad's round on a sat or sunday afternoon watching the footy on sky and sampling a few cold one's, whilst enjoying the 'sports bar' atmosphere. Exotica: Mr McGrath and his wife have decorated the bar with trinkets from their foreign jaunts, including a ships wheel they bought in Greece'I used to be quite good at carpentry so I had the shed purpose built to look like a pub.

Gardening writer Tom …Press HeraldIf you buy carefully, you may find cages that unlatch and fold flat for winter storage.
The 63-year-old writer has his own south-facing beach chalet, kitted out with a bar and barbecue - and best of all, it only cost him A?500.The catch? It now looks more like a beach bar and all the stuff Ia€™ve bought came from car boot sales.'We open the doors out in the summer and just use it to relax with the whole family.
So now we just have our holidays in the garden and in my shed.'To be honest Ia€™m tired of travelling these days, so whata€™s the point of going through all the hassle of paying airport duty and waiting at airports when we can just go out to the shed?
Seriani, the yard manager, who laughed when asked if he patronized the barge when it was a dive bar. After years of queuing up at airports every year to fly away for his holidays, Mr McGrath and his wife Barbara, 63, now spends two weeks every year in his garden shed.

We Mainers are … The third barrel gathers the water from our shed, in our vegetable garden. Painted with cuprinol forest oak sprayable treatment!! Ice blue fairy lights around the bar.

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