Our shiplap siding is made from Eastern White Pine and comes in a wide range of lengths, widths and grades. Our team of siding experts can work with you to plan your siding project and find the right product for your needs.
Most of our White Pine lumber used for our Barn Siding has the rough side left with the band sawn texture.
Upon special request, we can do a “circular” sawn texture for those that want an even rougher texture than our band sawn finish.

Robinson Lumber can provide you with a custom quote for either Un-Finished, or Pre- Finished Barn Siding.
For additional information see our Barn & Shed Siding Pricing or contact us to request a free sample. Actually, looking at these pics, I don't think the battens were on yet when these were taken. Only thing we didn't do ourselves is the shingles and that was because we simply ran out of time and needed it done quick before a snowfall came later that week.

I'll post some pics this summer when I have the porch on and hopefully some flowers around it. All by itself it brings such personality to anything:) Isn't it fun to have a new focal point in your yard to plant and create around?

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