Their availability has been going for an extremely long time and is a go to shed purchase as they are the most cost effective option. Metal sheds are ideal for those who need a small storage space however, they do come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any of your garden shed needs.
Steel sheds are available in a range of colours and can be customisable and can be painted to suit your needs.
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With spring around the corner, thoughts of snow melting, warm weather and cleaning are beginning to arise. Spring offers the perfect opportunity to give your home that fresh feel for the summer ahead. While the main focus will be on the house during a spring clean, people will often neglect their garages and storage sheds. Cleaning these spaces is equally as important as cleaning your home as it will be a great way of organisation and you’ll easily have more room for storage and will be able to find things more easily.
If your shed looks cluttered, it should have been cleared out a while ago, however, in order to get everything  cleaned, take out all of items and then you will also be able to assess whether you need any of the items and will be able to throw some away. Once everything is out of your shed, you are in a position to deep clean your storage building.
Begin by sweeping away any dirt and debris that is on the floor and then move on to the windows by removing the dust on the shelving in the shed.
From here, a power washer would be handy and should be used on the floors and the exterior of the building, only if it can take the force of the power washer.
After the washing has been done, allow the building to air dry completely that will deter the growth of any dangerous mold. Now that the shed is clean, you can organise all of your items into a manageable and orderly fashion. Something to do would be purchasing shelving and labels so it makes it more easier to store, find and utilise all of the space of your shed.
Bear in mind to organise your smaller items first, sectioning them off into a certain area and then larger items somewhere else, such as lawn mowers or wheelbarrows.
These tips should help you get your storage building into an orderly fashion for spring and summer! This entry was posted in general and tagged sheds, spring cleaning, steel sheds birmingham on March 12, 2015 by lifelong. They are chosen over timber sheds because you could overcome a variety of maintenance problems, although, metal structures may suffer from condensation problems. It’s an issue all metal sheds will have to endure where damp is present in the foundation. Naturally, the air inside the shed will be warmer than the air outside, thus leading the condensing of the moisture hitting the cool air. If your shed is already suffering from condensation, below are some ways to fix your problem.
One option is to detach your shed from the base and build a timber floor some inches larger than the original base measurements, then this ca be put on raised bearers. Proceed to fix the shed to the timber floor using wood screws and mastic seal on the inside of the shed base rails.
Note to check that water won’t be able to pool underneath the floor as this method will not work. Another method of ridding condensation is by cleaning the underside of the roof panels with a methylated spirit, then allowing them to dry. Purchase polystyrene tiles and attach them to the underside of the roof using a bonding glue.
A layer of coating should be added to the tiles and shed roof; keep in mind that this method will not rid the moisture in the atmosphere but it should prevent future condensation now that the shed has been insulated. This entry was posted in general and tagged condensation, gardening tips, general, metal shed, moisture, preventing condensation, sheds, steel shed on January 19, 2015 by lifelong.
A shed is a place for security, a place where you can store your garden equipment, power tools, hardware and more in a safe environment without the worry of weather damages and more.
In the following blog, we have compiled a list of reasons why metal is better when it comes to sheds, from strength positivity’s and beyond. Unless you decide to switch towards an extremely cheap option for the material in your metal shed, the use of metal means that the shed is immensely stronger than that of its wooden version. It’s much easier to install a high quality locking system to metal sheds, as they will often come with the necessary brackets and holes pre installed, therefore giving ease of installation for your own person lock. Seeing as your metal shed will be delivered to yourself having already undergone some treatment, they’ll remain strong and last against weather conditions, whether it’s rain, snow or sleet.
Given your metal shed receives a form of blow, something that can causes the metal to crease or may accidentally scratch a metal panel, the area can be treated quickly, as this will prevent any rusting or corrosion occurring in the near future from its surroundings. A garden shed should be tailored to suit the needs on the individual who owns it and a metal shed is well equipped to deliver such a service.
For more on metal sheds and why you should consider investing in them, please visit our website! The tools, lawnmowers, barbecues, paints, bikes and everything else that may be treasured in your back garden without protection, maybe you have a garage but even that’s cluttered with even more tools and household items so what now? This entry was posted in general and tagged concrete, flooring frame kits, foundation, garden sheds, security, shed, steel shed, wooden on February 14, 2014 by lifelong.
We offer some of the best steel sheds around with the option to add whatever size window, shape, or type to your shed. You can find more out about or sheds with windows by visiting our Floor, Window & Roof Options for your steel shed Page.
When you go to view or purchase a shed one key feature a lot of people miss is the flooring, most of the time you would have to spend hours, days even just preparing a concrete base for the shed to be resting on however, we offer that exact steel shed that doesn’t require any concrete base as it has a pre-built wooden flooring. All of our flooring that is built within the sheds are sitting on steel runners allowing the wood to be fully protected against any dampness or other water damage.
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Ever been to places such as BnQ for a garden shed and spent too much money for low quality?
To secure your shed even more as well as steel cladding and steel frames you can now add extra strength hinges and built in or extra duty locking bolts.
LifeLong Steel Sheds is an ultimate supplier of secure and reliable garden sheds for cheap prices, these sheds can be anything from small wooden or steel garden sheds to full sized steel garages. It is so easily overlooked, but choosing the right shed can be a big decision especially since you’ll have to live with it for many years to come. You will need to keep an eye out for excessive condensation build-ups as this can lead to premature corrosion. To see our steel garden sheds, visit one of our retail outlets or call us on 01455 213 355. Shed Appearance: Although the function of a shed is to store items out of sight, the shed itself will be in full view in a garden.
Shed Size: Sheds come in a variety of sizes, from compact locker-sized sheds to large buildings that may even double as a garden room, pool room or kids’ playhouse.
Optional extras and shed accessories: Touches like double doors, extra windows, shelves all help to maximise the shed use and practicability.
The garden shed is one of the most useful pieces of garden equipment you can buy and is indispensable for most home owners.

Quite often there is so much in the shed it’s an idea to take everything out of it and lay it out.
Bikes, lawn mowers and garden tools used regularly should be towards the door for ease of access. After the summer is over there will be other items to go in there such as the barbecue and garden furniture. Should you require a steel garden shed, extra utility space, room for storage or workshop, Lifelong steel sheds offer a stylish, robust and secure building guaranteed to last. For further information or to see our sheds on display, please look at the list of our display and retail outlets in your area. Sign up for a MyBLACK+DECKER account for quick and easy access to saved products, projects, discussions, and more.
Add instant curb appeal to your home with this modern address sign filled with lush plants and flowers.
Whether you are working in a garden or on a construction site, getting the job done is always more efficientwhen your tools are close at hand.
Even though moving it is possible, this shed is rather heavy and will require several people or a vehicle to drag it if you build it in your workshop or garage. Cut the front wall framing members to size, including the top and bottom plates, the front studs, and the door header.
Cut the rafters to length, then miter-cut each end to 10° for making a plumb cut (this way the rafter ends will be perpendicular to the ground). Cut the siding panels to size by scoring them with a utility knife blade designated for scoring concrete and then snapping them along the scored line. Unique engineered base allows use of full length 2 x 6 joists for greater floor stability and minimum site preparation.Gazebos are engineer reviewed and manufactured to meet and exceed 2000 IBC codes, which require all buildings to withstand 30 lb. Jack rafters are used in the center of roof sections, increasing strength and stability versus the use of double rafters in corners.
Post notching system and base design allows post to unite into base for a very solid fit and strength second to none. This system allows a floor design with very minimum amount of screws in the floor for a nice, clean appearance. Located left or right of center on the 10'x12' kit and centered on the 10'x16' kit the large 5'-4" x 6' doors easily provide access for your riding lawn mower or 4-wheeler. If you are need a well built wood storage shed at an economical price the Cypress is the perfect solution. Sold in home centers in the US and Japan Best Barns has been producing quality building kits for 30 years. Best Barns shed kits are constructed only using the best quality building materials available. Once you receive your new building begin by unpacking the pre-cut framing, doors and hardware.
Best Barns wood shed kit components fit easily into place with no special tools or skills required!
The siding is made from wood strands, pressed into a resin saturated substrate, superior to plywood. Our wood floor systems offer two designs that let you choose what is best suited for your needs. The standard floor is best installed over and existing foundation, cement slab, blacktop or gravel base. As some steel sheds may not be robust enough to withstand strong weather conditions, your provider may advise you to purchase an anchoring kit to make sure your shed stays upright.
It is advised to have a fan on inside the building, alternatively, a moisture collection bag that will speed up the drying process. You can also hang tool on the wall; things like rakes, shovels and hoses that will make it easily accessible. This problem will arise if a damp proof course hasn’t been built into the base of the shed. This will enable the air to flow under floor and dry the area out, essentially eliminating the problem. It also gives you a storage space for all of the knick knacks you’ll use to keep your garden and property in great condition, so it’s vital that you must provide a good environment for those tools to be homed in. Metal sheds are difficult to break into without the use of high-quality cutting equipment, so you’ll be sure that the things you keep safely stored away in your shed cannot be accessed by your run of the mill burglar. Strong metal sheds also deter small animals who could otherwise get into your shed, given it wasn’t so secure through a strong material. The sheer size of metal sheds allow for the flexibility of installing various items whilst having easy access to vital garden tools when you need them.
Life long steel sheds supply a whole range of different and custom built sheds built to the specification you require. Built with steel frames, solid welded units used to produce a heavy duty rigid frame allows these sheds to have absolute strength. For example when someone’s breaking into your shed they wont be able to take the door off the hinges unless the door is fully open just for the extra security. There are many factors that can influence your decision, you may just want something that will fit in with your style of garden or house. Most of our metal sheds have padlock holes or concealed points for padlock, which ensure security.
Although, all of our range are made from galvanised steel and some have also been resin coated to prevent premature rusting. The purchase of a storage shed could alleviate some clutter issues and move items outdoors – creating more space.
Instead, garages are used to store the extra items that do not fit inside the home. The process of purchasing a shed is not as simple as finding the least or most expensive type on the market. Therefore, plenty of homeowners prefer something that has just as much aesthetic appeal as it does storage capacity. For an attractive, robust and secure steel garden shed, guaranteed to last contact Lifelong Steel Sheds on 01455 213 355 or visit the website to see our retails outlets.
However, like many items looking after it and keeping it in order can often get overlooked even though they are virtually maintenance free! Is it going to be just a garden store, are you going to start seeds off in there or are you going to use it for a garden workshop or hobby room.
By doing so you can sort out all the tools, cans and bit and pieces into some sort of order.
Your garden tools can be hung on purpose made pegs or nails and this will help to keep them tidy. Try to think about where this will go so you can still access the required garden tools throughout the winter.
Offering just the right amount of on-demand storage, this mini garden shed can handle all of your gardening hand tools but with a footprint that keeps costs and labor low.The mini shed base is built on two 2 ? 8 front and back rails that raise the shed off the ground.
Locate it near gardens or remote areas of your yard where on-demand tool storage is useful. Place the base parts upside-down on a flat surface and attach the crosspieces to the rails with 21?2" deck screws. A notch, referred to as a “birdsmouth,” must be cut into the bottom edge of the inside rafters so the tops of these rafters align with the outside rafter tops while resting solidly on the wall top plates.
The panels are installed over wood or foam closure strips that are attached to the tops of 2 ? 2 purlins running perpendicular to the rafters.
If the closure strips are wood, drill countersunk pilot holes through the closure strips and attach them to the purlins with 11?2" screws. Use a jigsaw with a fine-tooth blade or a circular saw with a fine-tooth plywood blade to cut fiberglass or plastic panels.

Fasten three door hinges to the door and then fasten the hinges to a stud on the edge of the door opening. For the front wall, attach the plates to the outside studs first and then attach the inside studs using the door header as a spacer to position the inside studs.
Cut the workpieces to length, then lay out and cut a birdsmouth notch in the bottom of the two inside rafters.
Some of the rafter blocking must be attached to the rafters by toe-screwing (driving screws at an angle). Attach the corrugated roof panels with 1" neoprene gasket screws (sometimes called pole barn screws) driven through the panels at closure strip locations.
One way to accomplish this is to sandwich the acrylic between two sheets of scrap plywood and cut all three layers at once with a circular saw (straight cuts) or jigsaw.
Slip a scrap of 1⁄4"-thick siding underneath the door to raise it off the bottom plate while you install it. Please note this does not opt you out of being served advertising. You will continue to receive generic ads.
Side wall height of 6'-4" and interior headroom of 7' allows storage of all your lawn and garden equipment.
Metal sheds require minimal maintenance over the years while wooden sheds are open to wood rot, weathering and more. Due to the specific design of the sheds accessories can be added such as extra locks, strengthened hinges and even all sizes of windows which can be fitted around the shed or even in the roof.
You may also have particular specifications to fulfil.  Below we will discuss the advantages of choosing between wooden sheds, plastic sheds and metal sheds to help you decide which is best for you. Since theft from the garden is on the rise, these sheds are ideal to protect valuable bikes or tools. An unsightly shed can affect the overall appearance of a property, or even hurt the sale price for homeowners thinking about putting the home on the market.
We all say when the new shed arrives that you will keep this shed shipshape but before you know it the shed is full of clutter and all those items you are keeping ‘just in case’. When you have decided then you can work out what needs to go where and what shelves or cupboards are needed to help keep it in order. With a little bit of thought and planning your shed will enhance your home living even more than ever. The rails can alsoact as runners, making it possible to drag the shed like a sled after it is built.
There are specially designed shearing tools that contractors use to cut this material, but you can also cut it by scoring it with a utility knife and snapping it— just like cement tile backer board or drywall board.
Position the purlins so the end ones are flush with the ends of the rafters and the inner ones are evenly spaced.
Clamp the panels together between scrap boards to minimize vibration while they’re being cut (but don’t clamp down so hard that you damage the panels). Drill pilot holes in the siding and attach the siding to the framing with 11?2" siding nails spaced at 8 to 12" intervals. To cut acrylic with a circular saw, secure the sheet so that it can’t vibrate during cutting. Use a scrap piece of siding as a spacer under the door to determine the proper door height in the opening.
Attach the brace to the side-wall frame and to the base platform once you have established that the wall is plumb. If you own a pocket screw jig you can use it to drill angled clearance holes for the deck screw heads.
Drill slightly oversized pilot holes for each screw and do not overdrive screws—it will compress the closure strips or even cause the panels to crack. Place a board under the scored line and then press down on the panel to break the panel as you would with drywall.
Wooden sheds often require new repaints or wood strainers in order to keep them in good condition, whilst metal sheds can withstand such things through their natural strong form. In addition, metal sheds are effectively fire-retardant which make them ideal for use on a static caravan site.
A range of plastic boxes, ideally with lids, are ideal for keeping screws, nails etc in order.
Note: You can also cut cementboard with a circular saw, but you must take special precautions. Place the second side wall on the platform and attach it to the front and back walls with 21?2" screws. Cut the rafter blocking to length; these parts fit between the rafters at the front and back of the shed to close off the area above the top plates.
Position the panels over the closure strips, overlapping roughly 4" of each panel and leaving a 1" overhang in the front and back. Fasten the panels to the closure strips and rafters with hex-head screws that are pre-fitted with neoprene gaskets. The best way to secure it is to sandwich it between a couple of pieces of scrap plywood and cut through all three sheets. Add hooks and hangers inside the shed as needed to accommodate the items you’ll be storing. Are there items which have not been touched for years and are unlikely to be needed, then these are candidates for disposing off.
This type of siding not only stands up well to the weather, it is very stable and resistsrotting and warping. If you desire a harder, more solid foundation, dig down 6" and fill the area with tamped compactable gravel. Flip the base frame over and attach the base platform (functionally, the floor) with 11?2" screws.
If you are installing foam strips that do not have adhesive backing, tack them down with a few pieces of double-sided carpet tape so they don’t shift around. Paint the siding and door before you install the windows and attach the wall and door trim. Align the outside edge of the wall so it is flush with the outside edge of the base platform. Use the blocking as spacers to position the rafters and then drive 21?2" screws up through the top plates and into the rafters.
Cement siding is not intended to be in constantcontact with moisture, so the manufacturer recommends installing it at least 6" above the finished ground grading.You can paint the trim and siding any color you like.
You might choose to coordinate the colors to match your houseor you might prefer a unique color scheme so that it stands out as a garden feature.The roof is made with corrugated fiberglass roof panels.
If you’re working alone, attach a brace to the side of the wall and the platform to hold the wall plumb.
These panels are easy to install and are available in avariety of colors, including clear, that will let more light into the shed. An alternative to the panels is to attachplywood sheathing and then attach any roofing material you like over the sheathing. These plans show how to buildthe basic shed, but you can customize the interior with hanging hooks and shelves to suit your needs.

Custom built wood sheds 14x10
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