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And now for a silly post, because it’s dark and dreary today in Southern California, and my head feels like it’s filled with cotton and mothballs. Since Pez is brought to the office every day, his scrunched-up little pug face reminds everyone to keep a sense of humor. That dog stuck in my head for the next thirty years, so when I chose a dog to be in my book, I knew it had to be a pug.
John Andrews The portrait taken for John's election pamphlet, when he ran as an anti-conscription Labor candidate for the seat of Armidale in NSW.
Henry Lawson A portrait of Henry Lawson taken while he was in Bourke -- he would have been about 22 at the time.
John Andrews John Andrews in 1955 at the age of 76, photographed as the oldest delegate at the state ALP conference. JE Andrews Esq JP The producer's great-great-great grandfather, JE Andrews Esq, who emigrated from Scotland, and ran a property in the Hay district of NSW.
Barbara Andrews The producer's great-great-great grandmother, Barbara Andrews, wife of William. Bridget, Maggie and Edward Andrews John Andrews' mother Bridget, elder sister Maggie, and younger brother Edward. Janet May Walkden John's future bride, Janet May Walkden, from the property of Stoney Rise, north of Bourke. Pera Bore Pera Bore was the 'Village Settlement' experiment, farming irrigated by bore water. Stoney Rise Like all the country around Bourke, Stoney Rise has suffered from the long drought. Mitchell Highway The Mitchell Highway between Nyngan and Bourke in western NSW is one of the flattest, straightest highways in the world.

The Western Herald Bourke's main newspaper, The Western Herald, has been produced from this building since the 1880s. Toorale The Toorale homestead was built by Samuel McGaughey in 1895, and was once the grandest homestead in the district. Toorale Homestead Surprisingly for the time and for such a remote location, no expense was spared on the interior fittings of the Toorale Homestead. Toorale Homestead The Toorale homestead was abandoned in the 1970s, but inside time stands still. Toorale Station In 1893 Henry Lawson tramped downriver to Toorale, and worked as a 'rouseabout in the shearing shed. Warren Fahey Social historian and folklorist Warren Fahey, who provided union songs and stories for the program. WG Spence William Guthrie Spence, founder of the Australian union movement, proudly on display at AWU head office. Eric likes to dress Pez up in silly T-shirts with various sayings on them, like Talk to the paw and Shed Happens—brush it off!
This pug barked at me every time I stepped in that store, and would not stop barking at me until I left the store.
But to me, a pug is like having a child with a cowlick, or a lisp, or a learning disability—imperfectly perfect.
He is seen here wearing the decorations of a 'Friendly Society', an indication that he had some considerable standing in the community. In her inaugral speech, Marie paid tribute to her great-grandfather, Arthur Andrews, and grandfather, John Andrews. The producer's great-great grandfather, Arthur Andrews, had a plot on Pera Bore from 1895, which he farmed 'with his two lads, John and Edward'. Passenger trains stopped running to Bourke in 1976, and the goods trains stopped in the early 1980s.

It's said that in the 1880s there was more money in the banks of Bourke than in all the banks of Sydney.
When Henry Lawson was in Bourke he wrote for the Western Herald, and the paper also reported regularly on union activity, including references to Arthur and John Andrews.
The glass panels of the doors feature fine Italian coloured glass, and the walls were lined with specially designed wallpaper.
The sitting room features a radio from the 1940s, and a ruined piano from an earlier period. He oversees a property that was established by Samuel McGaughey in the 1880s, and was once a million acres. For those of you who don’t know what a pug looks like, or even what a pug is (No, it’s not something to keep the water from draining out of your sink), it’s a dog with a face only a mother (or father) could love. In my neighborhood growing up, there was a tiny corner market called Dom’s, owned by an old Puerto Rican man, ironically named Dom. Andrews is an Australian -- an Australian who knows his country, and the things that are good for it, from A to Z. The inscription on the clock reads: 'Presented to JE Andrews Esq JP, on his leaving Landsborough, as a slight recognition of his public usefulness and private worth.
Henry Lawson's experience as a 'rouseabout in the shed inspired his poem 'The Boss's Boots'.

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