A note on featured products and servicesSometimes we are offered products or services for review on this site. There are few foraged foodstuffs more favourable to the DIY drinks maker than the blackberry. You can make a top notch fruity booze by steeping blackberries in almost any spirit – gin, vodka, rum, whisky, horilka* will all do the trick – but the consensus among blackberry imbibers is that brandy works best. For every 70cl bottle of brandy you’ll need about 320g of blackberries and 160g of sugar. Want to get your hands on a free, professionally designed blackberry brandy label for your booze? Like the sound of plums in brandy – post the link to your recipe here and our readers can check it out. I strain mine through a fine sieve and then follow it up with a very slow straining through coffee filter paper.
We live in south of France and my husbands bramble jelly has been given to masses of our French friends. Glad you like the labels too… I’m thinking a limoncello label could be next on the list! Hi there how much does this recipe make I’m doing mine for the first time with Rum for Christmas Presents ? I have been making simple blackberry brandy for several years and am now thinking of experimenting by adding additional flavours (vanilla, cinnamon etc) any suggestions for what works best? Can I use frozen blackberries and if so, do I use them from frozen using same quantities please? This ale is inspired by the undocumented, freakish strength possessed by gingers (or at least by Graham). The beer itself is dark red, roasty like coffee, toasty like fresh bread and makes your mouth water for more. Our session-able cream aleA is light, refreshing and unlike Joe, tries to get along with everybody. Jeff and Graham are simply two terrific buddies who met while working on IT and satellite communication projects back in 2007. From It's inception in Grahama€™s back yard tool shed on a basic 5 gallon home-brew system, Tool Shed Brewing Company has always been destined for great things as Jeff and Graham bring an obsessive love for great craft beer and  high level of geekery to the craft of making it!
Everyone grew up being told to find something you love to do, and then find a way to make a career of it! The “Ed” in Shed Brewing Company stands in the dark and cavernous former curling rink in Dundas, as a worker finishes sandblasting the interior. Ed Madronich, co-owner of The Shed brewery opening this summer in Dundas, stands in the wood frame structure that was once home to Dundas Curling Club. Owners Ed Madronich and Shawn Till (the “sh” in Shed) bought the 140-year-old post-and-beam building, fulfilling a dream they talked about when they were students and basketball teammates at McMaster.
After university they each built careers—Madronic, a Hamilton native, owns Flat Rock Cellars winery in Jordan, and Till, from Ancaster, is CEO of a risk management company in Virginia. He envisions the former rink, that was more recently Valley City Furniture, beautifully restored, and featuring a retail space where customers can buy their craft beer and taste samples while watching the brewing process behind a glass wall. The pair travelled to Germany to research equipment and brewing processes before ordering vats and machinery that he says is as good as it gets. For most aspiring brewers, simply turning your beery dreams into commercial reality is effort enough. So, more than a decade after they’d started making beer together in a rented farmer’s shed in the Barossa (complete with Scalextric set and a mechanics pit that allowed them to control fermentation temperatures), when Big Shed Brewing Concern became a reality it came with an invitation to their peers: if you’re looking for somewhere to brew, we’ve got the space for you. Taking an approach similar to that of Cavalier in Melbourne’s west, they established their business in Adelaide's Royal Park as a form of communal brewery.
Steadily, the Big Shed was filled with tenants, first and most notably the Mismatch Brewing Company, while slowly but surely Jason and Craig began establishing Big Shed as a brand in its own right. As of early 2015, that was fully up and running too, with the front half of their shed turned into a brewery bar that’s in keeping with the industrial location and feel.
Visitors can take home beers in Jason and Craig’s strikingly stylised 640ml bottles and beer lovers outside South Australia can get their hands on them too.
The arch-punsters at Adelaide's Big Shed have been it again with their latest release – and may have outdone even themselves. A colourfully packaged beer even by the standards of a brewing company making a name for itself with its colourfully packaged beers: the Californicator comes complete with a pair of grizzlies* riding a pink surfboard while indulging in reproductive activities.

Paler than the other two hop forward, US-inspired beers in their core range (F-Yeah APA and FrankenBROWN), it's also rather bigger at 7.5 percent and certainly hoppier. We were lucky enough to be present when the very first keg of Big Shed's first ever commercially released beer, FrankenBROWN, was tapped as it was being poured at The Wheaty on the same day The Crafty Pint was hosting an IPA Blind Tasting. Since then their American Brown Ale has been brewed many more times – and given all the time it needs – and is now one of their core beers.
The F-Yeah APA is one of the two beers with which Big Shed launched and is pretty much as pointed a statement as you'll find about their intentions. The Big Shed boys are avowed lovers of American beers, particularly of the hoppy kind, and their APA isn't afraid to be as big and bold as you might expect from a beer with such an inspiration. Our first port of call at this year's GABS in Melbourne was to say hello to Jason and Craig at the Big Shed stall (and try a glass of their Fresh Yeah APA if memory serves correctly). In the end, the beer ended up polling third out of well over 100 entries as the award went to BrewCult's fellow sweet stout, Milk and Two Sugars.
Its popularity was such that when they asked the online world if they should brew another batch the virtual applause was deafening. The result is a beer that's been relocated from the States with the Amarillo hop of the original replaced with Tassie-grown Galaxy. The Crafty Pint is an independent online magazine and resource for anyone interested in craft beer in Australia. Like many of the people who have changed the face of beer in Australia, we believe in authenticity, integrity, enjoyment and love. We only feature such items if we genuinely think they're of interest or benefit to our readers and, as a result, turn down more requests than we include. For the past few days Rich has been poring over cryptically written notes while sampling blackberry based wines from years gone by in order to deliver the finest hedgerow wine recipe he can muster.
I’m happy to use the cheapest booze I can find – the brandy I bought yesterday was so cheap it came in a plastic bottle. Continue to agitate every day or two for a few weeks before reducing the shake frequency to weekly until you’re ready to strain and bottle. When I try to think up new combinations I usually look to see what people are using in other recipes, such as jams, pies or squashes.
Smells good, there could well be some serious wreckage about later ?? I find that picking into old washed milk cartons is best. The weight of fruit is a guide and doesn’t need to be exact so a similar amount of frozen berries will work just fine. For those who are unaware of this phenomenon, red rage is, unofficially, the ONE thing Chuck Norris fears!
Our friend Joe taught us that not everyone is born with People Skills so thankfullyA it now comes in a can. This smooth, lightly hopped ale offers a beautiful mouth-feel andA a golden, crystal clear appearance. They connected over a love for taking their hobbies WAY too far and Tool Shed Brewing Company is the natural result of two good home brewing friends that took their favourite hobby further than most. Jeff and Graham realized that almost every home-brewer whoa€™s taken that first sip of their amazing, living, home-brewed creation has experienced that slight smirk break across their face as they continue to enjoy the craft of great beer while fantasizing about a lifelong career of bringing this beautiful creation to like minded people.
But Jason Harris and Craig Basford decided they were going to do more than just brew the beers they’d been concocting in their man shed for years: they wanted to bring others along with them.
Sure, they would brew their own beers on their 10 hectolitre system but the offer was there to other South Australian brewers looking for a home to rent some steel and use the brewery for their own means.
First up in early 2014 was the American brown ale FrankenBROWN, soon followed by the F-Yeah APA.
Built by their mates at Grand Kitchens, it features all manner of reclaimed materials, not least some timber that formerly made up part of the Adelaide Oval.
Where once it was nigh on impossible to find any beer brewed in SA outside the state other than Coopers, Big Shed is one of a growing number now sending theirs far and wide. For their take on the German Kolsch style – released in a very limited number of kegs earlier in 2015 but now out in bottles too – they've given it a good 'ol Aussie reworking that offers a nod to the rockers from their hometown that goes beyond the name KolsChisel. Indeed, the pale malts are there to do little more than act as a platform upon which the all-American hops (Ahtanum, Simcoe and Columbus) can go to work. Another one that looks to the US for inspiration, it's a mash up of many of their favourite ingredients and a beer they conceived in their home brewing days. For one there's the in yer face name, and then there's the hop heavy hit of the beer itself.

Indeed, when it hits the Big Shed Brewing Concern, as it did on The Crafty Pint's first visit to their Royal Park home, it can feel fiercer still, what with their home being inside a big shed full of beer-making machinery. Their summer seasonal is a mid-strength pale ale brewed with a simple malt bill of pilsner, wheat and a bit of biscuit malt then fruitified with relatively new Aussie hop Melba and popular American variety Mosaic.
At the time, they were rather excited about the prospects for their GABS beer in the People's Choice vote. But rather than create a brand new beer to celebrate the new season's harvest, they've decided to put a fresh spin on one of their core beers.
We bring an honest, old-fashioned journalistic approach to beer's brave new world, telling stories because they're worth telling not because someone is paying us to write them. We hope to play a role in helping good beer, brewed by good people, find its way into the hands of more drinkers. Our verdicts and advice are our own personal opinions and are always written by us, no matter how much PR companies might try to persuade us otherwise.
Ideally this would be after three months but it will taste perfectly acceptable a few weeks earlier. It features liqueurs, wines, beers, ciders and a whole load more. Available from most good book shops and Amazon.
I’ve not combined anything with blackberries before, but a quick google search using this method throws up peach, ginger, pear and, obviously, apple. His parents can't explain it, and we have yet to wish upon it; but ita€™s absolutely hilarious watching Star Cheek manifest itself after a few pints. These hops dona€™t smack you in the face, they tempt you to experience their complex profile.
Extreme outbursts of red rage can result in temporary memory loss which we like to refer to as a€?Ginger Induced Comasa€?.
Everybody knows someone who could use a pint of people skills now and then; now you can buy them one.
The idea was to give something back to the wider home brewing community they were a part of (and, presumably, to help them start paying off the costs of the brewery).
Then, as the business continued to grow, in came a brewer, Rob Hunt, to help them improve their existing beers and develop new ones as they turned their focus onto the venue side of the business. It’s a place where guests can sample their beers, including single keg experiments, as well as those being brewed on site by others, with the six taps lining a bar right in front of the brewery. Take a close look at the artwork on the label and you'll spot Jimmy Barnes' headband and a microphone on the Reich-like bird of prey. The boys reckon you'll find citrus, passionfruit, apricot and pine hop characters in there; of those, it's the apricot that shines through most in our experience in a beer that does a good job of convincing you it's not as boozy as it is.
As much as anything, however, it's about the malt with a rich biscuity caramel flavour running right through the middle too. As such, it's easy to imagine the team there sweating through another day and craving something refreshing they can put away in volume without doing too much to knock them sideways. They say the outcome is a refreshing hop hit with big citrus flavours, which sounds like sweet medicine for those days when the mercury creeps above 35C. However, given the latter is a man not shy to use squid ink in his beers, things do turn a little odd insofar as they've created an Imperial Sweet Potato Stout Saison. Let me know what you decide upon and how it takes – fingers crossed you’ll create a winning recipe!
I find that the bugs tend not to be able to swim nor breathe under alcohol and the chunks are filtered out during bottling. It's not the first sweet potato beer we've come across (Coedo's rich, strong lager Beniaka takes that crown) but it's certainly the most out there. It really does taste like a Golden Gaytime!" gasps from drinkers and was scoring well too.
Off on a trip to Spain for the day tomorrow as it’s just over an hour away so can pick up the necessary booze.

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