My Wee Flower Shed is my place of work, where I run my own Florist business called Ruby Brown Flower Design.
When we decided to "do her up" we had to put a new roof on, put new windows and door on, insulated and lined the whole of the inside, new floor and added decking to the front along with a pretty canopy and painted her in lovely grey & white. Our sheds are handmade and as such sizes may vary slightly, please allow for the roof overhang.
Please see below a sample of some Potting sheds that we have installed - Click on the size you would like to view and see how some of the colours look.

I wiped it inside and out with vinegar, and I stuffed it as per Stan’s suggestion with breadcrumbs, parsley, lemon juice, butter and beaten eggs all mixed together. BEST SELLER Garage 9m x 6m x 2.4m high with 2 extra wide Roller Doors in the 9m length, Colorbond walls and roof for only $6300 save $800.
Lovely healthy specimen of Crassula Ovata Gollum (Jade Plant) in attractive terracotta pot. She is the perfect place to work and sits nestled in our garden in the shadow of the towns Castle.

At THE Shed Company we do everything from garages, Sheds, Carports, Patios and Garden Sheds and only use BLUE SCOPE STEEL.

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Large wooden sheds 8x6

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