See a Guesthouse Built by Grandpa for Summertime FunA Kit Greenhouse Becomes a Creative Private OfficeIs It a Shed? I got into design via Landscape Architecture, which I studied at the University of Virginia.
At first this family wasna€™t thinking green when they wanted storage for their garden tools, pots and lawn mower. Graham used EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), a synthetic rubber roofing membrane, under the substrate.
For the inner framing, Graham used 4-by-4 treated lumber that sits on poured concrete piers set at frost depth. There are companies that specialize in providing green roof plants and the options available are growing. I've been writing about design online for quite a few years over at Hatch: The Design Public Blog.

But the adjacent propertya€™s standing-water problem gave builder Sam Graham an idea a€” planting the roof to catch the rain rather than having it run off and potentially make the problem worse. Although there are gutters on the shed, they are really only necessary during a very heavy rainstorm. This depth will vary depending on where you live, so be sure to check local building codes. He said it was just used for storage for lawnmowers and mulch and such and is pretty bare-bones; the outside is what's worth looking at.
The style of the shed has Arts and Crafts and Craftsman roots, as those styles are seen around the neighborhood. He scored the budget-friendly poplar siding from a local man who fells and mills the trees growing on his farm. When engineering the structure, Graham had to not only calculate the weight of the roof, substrate and plants, but also figure in how much weight rain or snow could add.

The estimated saturated weight of the green roof was about 2,500 pounds, so Graham designed the farming to support double that amount, just to be on the safe side.The 3 inches of substrate is composed of a mix of lava rocks, soil and sand. Other clients of his gave him these antique leaded glass windows, which were removed from their circa 1900 house during the remodel. Repurposing them on this project helped the shed fit in with this home, which is about the same age.

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