Most people don’t tend to replace or buy a new shed every few years like they do with their cars. This page is to help anyone trying to get a better understanding of some of the key terms used in the shed industry. Bays: The length of a shed is usually determined by how many bays are required and how long each bay will need to be, eg. If you have a caravan or farm tractor and need a 3 metre wide x 3 metre high opening, you need to allow an additional 15% margin in the bay size to accommodate a 3 metre wide x 3 metre high roller door. Bays for a light truck or caravan should be at least 3.5 metres in length to allow for mirrors and accessibility.
Machinery sheds should have bay sizes of 6 metres and greater to allow for headers and wide machinery.
Stable bays need to be a minimum of 4 metres to give your animal room to move around freely. South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW),Queensland (QLD), Victoria, Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania.
TERMINOLOGY LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Upon completing this section, you should be able to identify the types of roofs and define common roof framing terms.
What we like to do at National Sheds is try to understand us much as we can about your needs and what you’ll be using your shed for before we get stuck into the detail.
It will also assist you when requesting a quote as you’ll have a better idea so the information that we need to be able to assist you.
The peak of the roof varies according to the span measurement and the degree of the roof pitch.
A shed that has 4 bays and each bay is 3 metres in length would make the total shed length of 12 metres, at each 3 metre bay increment there would be a set of columns and rafters to provide structure support.
The reason for this is a roller door of that size needs space to roll up so an allowance of about 40 cm is needed on top of the door opening height to allow for this.
We find that this method works best for our customers as they gain an understanding of the componentry used and what makes our sheds stronger and better than the rest. The average pitch of a house roof is 25 degrees, most liveable sheds require a the same pitch.

It is essential to pick a design which will aesthetically blend into the landscape and also serve your purpose for building the shed. You need to keep the purpose of the shed and the location of the shed in mind while selecting the shed blueprint.
It is simple in design, economical to construct, and can be used on any type of structure. So make sure that blueprints for a shed you choose are suited for your specific needs.It is also necessary to pay attention to the frost line and water line in your area while building the shed foundation to ensure that the shed base will be secure and waterproof.
Clear out the construction site keeping about 3 feet of extra space around the shed and make sure that the doors can be accessed easily.
A disadvantage of the hip roof is that it is more difficult to construct than a gable roof. To start building the floor frame use studs made out of 2×4 posts cut out to required length of the shed needed. The valley is formed where the two different sections of the roof meet, generally at a 90° angle. This type of roof is more complicated than the other types and requires more time and labor to construct. Then lay down few studs on top of them along the direction of the shorter side of the shed.
The studs must be made of pressure treated wood for extra strength.Mark out the outer frame and secure the studs along the shorter side with the outer frame using nails.
It is used where large buildings are framed under one roof, where hasty or temporary construction is needed, and where sheds or additions are erected.
Fasten the studs along the longer side of the shed to those along the shorter side by nailing them together. The roof is held up by walls or posts where one wall or the posts on one side are at a higher level than those on the opposite side. The lay down the top and bottom studs and then place the intermediate studs at intervals of 18 inches. Hoist the wall frame into place and ensure that is level and square with the shed foundation.

Secure the walls to each other with nails.Construct the Door and Window FrameRefer to your shed blueprints and cut out the opening for the window and door frames using a router. Keep enough space so that the door can be easily opened and closed.Make the Shed RoofIt is advisable to buy pre-cut trusses but if you are an experienced hand you can build them yourself.
Any measurement in a horizontal direction is expressed as run and is always measured on a level plane. Once the trusses are all fastened into place, you can add the roofing sheets and secure them to the roof frame. Total rise is the vertical distance from the top plate to the top of the ridge, or the altitude of the triangle.
This can also be expressed in inches per foot; for example, a 6- or 8-inch cut per foot. The distance is measured along the rafter from the outside edge of the top plate to the centerline of the ridge. The tops of the inclined rafters are fastened in one of several ways determined by the type of roof. The bottoms of the rafters rest on the plate member, providing a connecting link between the wall and the roof. In a valley jack the lower ends rest against the valley rafters and the upper ends against the ridgeboard. 2-4, view C) is any line that is vertical (plumb) when the rafter is in its proper position. 2-4, view C) is any line that is horizontal (level) when the rafter is in its proper position.

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