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There are two types of truss systems designed to increase your attic space: Bonus Storage and Attic Storage.
The one that’s best for you heavily depends on your needs, as each one has a different purpose. Although not meant for furnished or liveable space, Bonus Storage is ideal for storing seasonal items such as lawn furniture, life jackets, skis or other items you only use part of the year.
Notice the angular bracing webs connecting the top chord and bottom chord of the truss?  By beefing up the webs and the chords, you get a stronger truss designed to support flooring between the trusses.
Using Bonus Storage is not only more economical — it is about 80 percent less expensive than expanding your floor plan — you can also increase your space’s square footage by up to 50 percent. Your builder can provide Bonus Storage, an innovation from Wick Buildings, on trusses that are 24’ to 36’ wide on bay spaces up to 10’ wide. Attic Storage, on the other hand, is a rectangular, enclosed area built inside of the attic space (see photo above).  Since it doesn’t have truss webs connecting the top and bottom chords, it is ideal for a finished room. Although Attic Storage isn’t much less expensive than expanding your floor plan due to finishing costs, it is a great option for those who lack space to build outwards or want to keep their building’s overall floor plan smaller.
Attic Storage trusses are designed to support a fully insulated living space with furniture and walls, and often includes electrical. It has the same loading capacity, at 40 pounds per square foot, as a standard home flooring system.
Your builder can install dormers (see photo below) on your roof between the trusses to use as window space and further increase your room’s square footage. As you have undoubtedly read throughout our site, foundation issues, whether they be inside or outside the house, can get expensive.
Homeowners thinking about adding concrete slabs will be happy to know that they are not expensive. On the likelihood that you do hire a pro, installation costs for a concrete slab average $65.50 per hour. If you are still convinced that concrete slabs are right for you, then you must know the three primary grades of concrete. Commercial Grade Concrete: This is the most common grade of concrete used to build concrete slabs.
High-Strength Concrete: This type of concrete is used in applications that must support a heavy structure.
Regular Concrete: The strength of this type of concrete ranges from 1,400 psi to 5,800 psi. Stamped Concrete: This is regular-strength concrete that has floor hardeners and pigments impregnated on the surface. Polymer Concrete: Polymers added to the concrete mix allow for hardening within four hours to strengths of up to 5,000 psi.

Geopolymer Concrete: Slabs made of this type of concrete feature a binder that is made of industrial waste including fly ash, slurry and slag.
Asphalt Concrete: A bituminous binder is used in place of the Portland cement to hold together the aggregates. High-Performance Concrete: This is high-strength concrete with additional chemicals added for wear resistance and durability. Micro-Reinforced Ultra-Performance Concrete: This concrete is high-strength and has steel fibers added to the mix.
Rapid-Strength Concrete: This form of concrete achieves its full strength within a few hours of being poured. If you are ready to add concrete slabs to your backyard, click here and get connected with up to four masonry pros in your area. Sign up to the Improvenet weekly newsletter for home design inspiration, free project cost guides, DIY tips and more! We hold FM approvals on both 16 gauge and 12 gauge paint kitchens so a lighter duty structure can be used when maximum strength is not needed. Exterior Walls: 16-gauge (Models B200 - B1200) or 12-gauge (Models B1600 - B8000) galvannealed steel. Monetary worth estimates have been an critical care when structure whatever creatively Your Habitat mail post as well as lamp structure a whole price use & Beam estimable program package will typically run in in between Members of a Better Business. While Attic Storage is great if you are looking for a finished, livable room, Bonus Storage is better for those itching for more storage space.
Plumbing can be incorporated into the room provided the building below is insulated and heated. But when it comes your home’s exterior, concrete slabs act as terrific bases for foundations under a shed, storage units, garages, temporary swimming pools, grills and or even a mobile home. Even with a large array of grades and types, concrete slabs usually cost under $2 per square foot. Stampers create a pattern on the surface to make the slab resemble stone, brick or other materials. It is an environmentally-friendly choice as the lime would otherwise be sent to a landfill. This type of concrete makes aesthetically pleasing concrete slabs for use under a picnic table or other recreational area. The unique feature of this concrete is its fast curing time, which allows the concrete slab to be used as soon as possible. Given all the options on the market, in addition to its low price, its no coincidence why more and more homeowners are choosing concrete slabs.
Our proprietary wall design features heavy duty insulation to keep the ambient temperatures out and the interior temps where you need them.
Third party testing agencies have tested and certified our designs as to meeting the requirements established by the FEMA 320 and 361 standards. Interior layouts are determined by you and we manufacture the structure to have all of your accessories already installed and ready for turn key operation upon delivery.

Our lighter gauged structures have many applications such as Welding Stations & paint kitchens. Working with Green Mountain State Frames The thriving beauty of bold wooden beams leave total outcome in a improved price guess as well as safeguard correctness as well as timbre of construction. Just know that even if you do not hire a pro, there are additional costs that come with all concrete slab projects. That is because extra strength is needed to create the forms, thus resulting in a higher cost. Finally, if your project requires a thicker slab than normal (6”), the price can go up. This way, you won’t have to worry about the floor, ground or concrete buckling or cracking when you place that 3,000 Ib. A concrete slab made of this type of concrete exhibits high resistance to wind, water and chemicals along with high ductility and high-energy absorption. Electrical installed in accordance with the NEC 2014 edition and include UL Classified electrical accessories.
Our Fully Welded Construction keeps the elements at bay and provides for a sturdy structure that will prove reliable for many years.
Modifications can include removal of the floor for Drop-down Enclosures, Extra Doors, Fire Suppression Systems, Security and Alarm Systems, HVAC, Interior Partitions and Rooms, Pass-throughs, Spill Containment Sumps and more. Furthermore, fresh concrete is prone to sticking as it dries and discoloration can occur after years of exposure to water, salt, grease or oils.
It is ideal for concrete slabs to be placed in areas with high humidity and heavy amounts of precipitation.
We are recognized as the industries premier Hazardous Materials Storage Building manufacturer, but Hazardous Storage is not the only function these structures serve.
Our roof design is rated at 70lbs (and we can actually go higher, based on individual state approvals) per square foot for snow loads making our buildings perfect for heavy snow load environments. Our expert staff is fully capable of installing any other items or accessories you may also require.
Additionally, while extreme cold is certainly not its friend, concrete slabs are highly resistant to weathering and corrosion. Needless to say, the product does not come without its fair share of drawbacks, but even if your concrete does crack, there are ways to fix it without a pro.
Securall Buildings are used in many applications from Paint Kitchens to Equipment Shelters to Remote Site Structures. Another benefit is that lighter materials allow for lesser costs on both the structure itself and delivery charges. Finally, as you will see later on, there are many different types of concrete to choose from.

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