Davis Portable Buildings Arkansas, proudly serving our Southwest Arkansas clients since 1987. We have now expanded our Ouachita Mountain, home office location in Glenwood Arkansas to not only serve All of Arkansas, but also Northeast Texas, Southern Oklahoma, Northern Louisiana and Southern Missouri as well. For more information or to schedule a free design consultation and obtain a price quote, please call us today. LOOKING TRIM: The interior trim needs an overhaul but they need to cut the cost of this restoration. ALL TERRAIN: When Mike is on the test drive he notices a fault on the dashboard with the 'Air Suspension' which changes the suspension height depending on the terrain. A TOP TIP FROM EDD: Edd has to sort out the sluggish engine and tries out a diagnostic machine to try to work out what is wrong. PREPARATION IS EVERYTHING: Edd starts removing the textured matt black paint before dismantling the car for the re-spray.
SNOW WHITE: Edd has to completely strip the car of parts including much of the interior before it is re-sprayed white.
FACE LIFT: The Range Rover gets a face lift with a new front end and new lights to bring it up to date.

WORLD OF LEATHER: The real leather seats with cream piping are in good condition but the interior trim needed updating.
TOP OF THE RANGE: This generation of Ranger Rovers changed the fortunes of the Land Rover brand. Many films boast a solid car chase but few have a truly great, mind-blowing automotive pursuit. SLP in conjunction with TEAM Industries is proud to announce the most advanced driven clutch in the snowmobile industry.
The SLP Powder Pro Ski provides the ultimate in loose snow performance for maximum flotation and precise steering control.
These manufacturers anticipate that by 2025, half of all dairy cows in north-west Europe will be milked by robotic systems, with robot arms for rotaries and conventional parlours adding to the population of today’s box-type designs.
Lely’s Vector and the Triomatic products from Trioliet both mix and dispense food without the need for a tractor and man on the front. Feed ingredients are held in bunkers, which can be replenished in three weeks – the sum total of the man-hours involved. A computer system is programmed to dispense ingredients for different feed mixes, leaving the autonomous diet mixer-feeder to quietly get on with delivering the ration. Farms content with a simpler approach without the major investment needed in the bunker infrastructure can opt for Schuitemaker’s autonomous self-loading diet feeder.

The Innovado collects maize silage from an outdoor clamp using a ‘shaving’ rotor and can take on board minerals and other ingredients from overhead hoppers. It then follows pre-defined routes between the clamp and cattle sheds using a combination of RTK GPS and buried transponders. Copyright 2014 AFDJAustralasian Farmers' & Dealers' Journal (AFDJ) is a complete update of the Australian farm machinery market. Mike visits a company which can update all the nasty electric blue interior trim to a carbon fibre looking trim using a process that Mike cannot believe even with his own eyes!
Once the preserve of our great British Police Force they are now the vehicle of choice for footballers & popstars.

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