Building Lifetime 8X10 shed on slightly below ground I'm planning to build a Lifetime 8x10 shed tomorrow and just noticed that the concrete foundation is not completely above ground. What's the easiest way to level off a tongue & groove floor which is laid onto Concrete slabs? Shed Floor Construction I am building a shed and am wondering about the merits of a plywood or tongue and groove construction. Strong Raised Timber Floor Because my plot slopes, it is rather impractical to build a concrete base for my shed, which would be the best option. Shed flooring on a concrete slab Not rated yetWe have a ready-built shed (see pic), in a log-cabin style, made from 29mm fir plank. Heating with firewood offers many benefits including reducing heating or electricity bills, feeling self sufficient and carbon footprint reduction. The great people from Popular Mechanics Magazine have firewood shed plans to follow for your custom firewood shed. Here you will find our step-by-step firewood shed plans to help keep your firewood dry and ready to burn. This firewood shed is designed to be completed in about a day but if I were you, I would give yourself a full weekend to ensure the best quality product possible.
20 square feet of asphalt shingles to be used as shingles for the roof of your firewood shed. First lets prepare the location where your shed will be built.You will need a shovel, a level, some sand and the 4concrete blocks. A block of wood was fixed between two joists at each end to prevent the joists from leaning or tipping. The first floor board was positioned: beginning halfway on the first joist and ending halfway on the joist at the other end.

Out came the dear lady of the house, bless her, armed with her mother, her two sisters and her karate teacher, to say she'd changed her mind: she wanted the shed on the other side of the fence. A board was nailed to the ends of the joists to act as a skid, so the floor (on edge) could slide along the ground. The reason i wanted to avoid framing a floor was so that i wouldn't need to have much of a ramp for vehicles driving into the shed. Again this will take some minor building experience but if you sweet talk your local lumber dealer, they will probably make the cuts for you. In this article, we have described the techniques for constructing your own firewood shed complete with a list of materials, time required for construction and the tools you will need to get the job done right. This is a very important step that can undermine the quality of your shed if not done properly.
Although I see the majority of sheds in my area built by the amish with a floor that is not as strong as what you propose, I wouldn't do it. I thought about it some more and i think what i'm going to do is run 9 6x6 beams at 3' o.c. Contrary to popular belief, firewood is a completely renewable resource and thanks to new developments in fireplace insert technologies, it can even be virtually smoke free.
The previous owners of our house use to store their firewood in the front entry of our house. You can avoid all of this work by simply ordering your kiln dried firewood prestacked in one of our custom cedar firewood storage units. If you are looking to upgrade your base and make it a permanent structure, a great alternative to concrete blocks is pouring a full concrete slab.  Using the 3-4-5 rule, measure the diagonals and make adjustments to the blocks until they are perfectly equal.
Be sure to use a spirit level to make certain that the floor is horizontal and level before driving the 3″ screws though the rim joists.

Align the boards into position, then drive 3″ screws through the slats in the joists. Your floor plans are better, but I still like building a subfloor with joists, like a deck, then building the shed on top. A shed that size would require a foundation, the depth of which is based upon the code required frost protection depth.
Any time you are using firewood to heat your home, it is important to find clean, dry firewood with a moisture content rating between 14%-20% but if you are heating with a new insert, it is absolutely imperative.  Once wood has been seasoned, split and stacked, it is important to keep it dry. They have the best staff, service and professional grade selection of lumber and tools so you don’t do things twice. Tarps can keep water out but they are quite the fuss and most stormy nights, you will wake up to wet wood and tarps everywhere. If you happen to go into a Slegg Lumber, do yourself a favor and ask them what they think about your project and if there are any ways you can save money while doing things the right way.
Generally we suggest storing naturally seasoned firewood a minimum of 10ft away from your home but i would just have it as far away as possible. You want your wood to stay dry while providing quality airflow to avoid rot, mold and bugs.

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