You can also get some granulated chlorinated rubber additives which you can either scatter on or mix with the paint. As it is going to be really slippery you might need something heavy duty like Epinamel NS808 but this is very coarse.
My shed floor is maybe 3 years old, Had a bit of oil on it, i used some hardcore degreaser, scrubbed and then high pressure wash it all off, then used some acid from batteries to etch, worked pretty good. I've been tasked with finding-out what I want for the floor of the garage, for costing purposes.
I have almost finished painting the floor in my shed, used 2 part epoxy made by protec, I did two coats and put it on thick seems to be ok, I had to clean the oil off the floor, after using heaps of different degreasers white spirits is the best. Acid etch the surface with hydrochloric acid mixed with water so it doesnt eat too much concrete. He reckons the biggest drama is not letting it dry between coats as the next coat goes on the one underneath never dries and when you stress the paint the layers come away from each other. Another bloke did our floors at work and did a shit prep job over old paint and it's coming off anywhere there is traffic. Also there is an 8 litre kit, It's better to mix and induct reasonable quantities when it comes to epoxy.
Some products are also designed to be worked with an air nozzle or leaf blower to create 3D effects like moon craters, rolling waves, and puddling ripples.  Two-tone effects can also be created with the introduction of a second color at the time of application. Metallic epoxy coatings are installed in the same manner as any other multi-coat system, with the exception of the additional process of having to manipulate the pigment in the metallic coat or adding metallic solvents.  If you are thinking about applying a floor coating yourself, you will need a minimum of two people due to the time constraints involved with these steps.
The extra money spent will soon be forgotten though when the floor is done.  If you want a floor with a beautiful and exotic showroom look that screams “look at me!”, then a metallic epoxy coating is definitely something to consider.

I recently viewed a sample of floor covering that included a rainbow glitter with Global flooring. I would be interested to know the manufacturer of the purple haze and galaxy blue epoxy coatings… as they are exactly the colors that I want for my floor. We recommend that you call Pure Metallic Epoxy which is a division of Original Color Chips.
Sand can be a bit coarse when it starts to break out of the coating over time and scratch up the floor.
Since it's a workplace if you have a slip or fall that it'll be a reportable injury so it might be work double checking regulations on what is considered a non-slip floor. In one or 2 sections where I had a leaking oil container you can see the oil has leached back tot he surface in the shape of the container, what is the best method to get the paint to stick? I am actually wanting to add epoxy floors in my bathroom but cannot locate much information on diy. They have a variety of DIY options available and can walk you through the steps of what you would need to do. Unfortunately we are not familiar with any companies in Las Vegas that install metallic epoxy coatings. I was going to just acid stain but after looking at the metallic pearl epoxy I may go that direction.
I want an epoxy that is durable and water resistant and one that I can add the metallic effects to.
Your best bet is to do an internet search and make appointments for a free quote in order to start the interview process.

You will need to grind the floor first to remove the current topical sealer that was applied over the stain. After that it’s a matter of applying the multiple coats of epoxy for the metallic look.
A proper metallic epoxy coated floor is going to cost 3-4 times more than an acid stained floor with an epoxy coating however. Can the epoxies listed above be applied to a bathroom subfloor (plywoodnor osb) if I use the epoxy primer first or would i need to add a concrete underlayment? It can be applied to OSB, but you have to make sure that there will not be any flexing at all of the sub floor when under weight or the epoxy will crack. We have a good article here that walks you through some of the process to help choose a reputable company. The effect is based on the the amount of denatured alcohol applied and the thickness of the coating. We don’t have any recommendations for you in Atlanta, however, if you start an internet search you will find plenty of prospects.
We have an article on how to choose a floor coating contractor that can help you with what to do when choosing a company or contractor.

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