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To accomplish the goal of building a simple, sturdy, practical and useful shed a few design and material choices need to be made.
I continue to get comments about "jittering" and "jiggling" cursor movements during these screen capture video recordings. If you watched "A Step Ahead to Build a Shed" prior to seeing this blog post you'll remember that it can be an interactive process.
Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. Begin by imagining the shed you want to end up with and work back from there to know where to start. Even though this shed is 8' square, the principals apply to framing in general and could be adapted to a shed of any size.
Here I give an overview of assembling floor joists on 4x4 support beams and discuss principals of getting the assembly squared up. I'm open to design, material and tutorial content input from viewers to enhance your learning experience so feel free to post comments or questions as this series develops.
Enjoy on Sunday Angstrom unit kit Hoosier State this artist’s garden mini trellises amp sculpt and a threshold with a window add character reference to a simple spill is perched between antiophthalmic factor dog run shed floor ideas.
While doing this screen capture video it became clear that I'm trying to pack a lot of information into this blog post. I completely understand how annoying it is for viewers to try to learn from the tutorial while being constantly distracted by cursor movement. Two other shed-building series here at Fine Homebuilding Online (a Garden Shed and a Tool Shed) have additional information for setup and framing methods for shed floors that you might find helpful to understand this phase.
Its high value comes from its durability which allows sturdy construction without the need for a sheathing layer which would be necessary with horizontal lap siding.

Like a real carpentry apprenticehip, it can be difficult to grasp too many new concepts all at once.
I did't learn much in sophmore algebra class because my attention was riveted on counting how many times the teacher bobbed up and down on his toes trying to emphasize key points in his lectures. As a reminder, the shed model used for this tutorial series is availble at the SketchUp Component Warehouse by clicking HERE. Pre-planning wall layout so vertical siding seams land on studs is an important consideration.
There are bound to be gaps in my presentation so help fill them in with questions and comments. We offer shed rubber flooring options which are easy to install inexpensive and quick to execute. I have a rather large garage but there’s simply not enough room for the riding mower, push mower, car top carrier, lawn and garden tools and 4 bicycles. The shed needed to be 8' square and 8' high for adequate storage volume so planning starts from there. The folks over at LP Outdoor Building Solutions have created a shed visualizer to help you get started.Their free visualizer lets you look at different materials and colors for an outdoor shed.
It allows you to change the type of roofing, trim, and siding with the click of your mouse. You can save your designs and print them out for yourself or builder.In addition to the visualizer they have a gallery full of shed ideas from small to large. I like how they show different styles including different types of roofs, siding, doors and windows. Whether you plan on building the structure yourself or hiring a contractor these ideas can be used to design the structure. You can even print the images and give them to your builder.LP Outdoor Building Solutions ProductsI’ve been using LP SmartSide siding products for several years and I’ve been very impressed with them.

Two years ago we used their lap siding on a million dollar custom home after evaluating several materials including cedar and cement lap siding. We chose the LP SmartSide due to a combination of price, warranty, and long term reduced maintenance costs. I’m happy to say that after two years the house still looks like the day we finished.My experience with LP SmartSide is why I really like their outdoor building solutions. With LP SmartSide trim and siding products, you get the beauty of wood with a much more durable product that’s been engineered to resist fungal decay and termites. If you choose the SmartFinish products you get the same fungal decay and termite resistance plus a very nice aesthetic appearance on the inside. The warranties speak volumes to the level of commitment LP has with their products and certainly resonate with my customers and other builders I’ve spoken to.DisclosureThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LP® Outdoor Building Solutions for hfa.
I run their design-build division that specializes in custom homes, commercial design-build projects and sub-divisions. I'm also a licensed civil and structural engineer with extensive experience in civil and structural design and home construction. My hope is that I can share my experience in the home construction, home improvement and home renovation profession with other builders and home owners.
Insulating basement walls in cold climates is a great way to keep your home warmer and drier. Maybe it's time to refinish your deck or add some new decorative touches to your tired deck.

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