Found a similar thread but is was a few years old so thought I'd post up my recent experience. Really MUST do the same here, but im wondering if the acid will be strong enough to strip the concrete floor here. This happens every time one of these floozies starts poontangin' around with those show folk fags. Just put up a garage and wondering how long the concrete has to be down before can hit it with acid.
I'm lucky as I've got a fair bit of under cover space that I've been able to stash all the shed stuff under for now.
Looks superb, if its dry and sunny at all this week I'm due for a shed clean-out and I'll photograph my single pack job after 5 years of use, chipped in a few places and a few other problems (lost one patch when I spilt paint stripper on it, not surprising really). Will say one thing, you should have used white, the racecar workshop I work for uses light grey and my garage is white, easily double the reflected light under cars. Don't worry, thats just the self-preservation instinct, in my experience you can safely ignore it. We sugar soap'd as well, found it didnt do shit all regardless of the mixture and instead just made it all spotless form dust (air blower's+screw compressor+several hours with a broom). The epoxy we used was West systems, mainly because he got a good deal on it, still 2000 dollars or so.

Laying the epoxy down on the perfectly clean and dry floor first proved to be a real nightmare I gradually worked out that using almost exactly 50ml of a good quality thinner (7020? If your planing to drive this on the road and enjoy it, id suggest a second opinion, someone with a history in Australian Rally or Fink River . When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators. From the author of the Petrol Bowser and Old Skool Fridge restoral threads comes : A beginners guide to painting your shed floor . A mate just did his small shed in a Single Pack finish and he's happy with it but I did a bit of net searching and the overwhelming opinion was that a 2 pack Epoxy was a good option. You need to remove all oxidising agents from the concrete otherwise the epoxy will later lift.
Presentation wise, doing a thinned out coat applied with a foam roller, will look brilliant. I wasn't that keen to spend the money but I figured it's not something I'll have to do again ( I hope ). I went down to Paint Supplies of SA and bought 20 litres of the stuff at $20 a litre - I had to paint 60 square metres of floor. The first night I began by painting the edge of the section I was doing with a brush and also inside the expansion joints.

I'd wanted to paint it sooner but after you wait a few months for the concrete to completely dry, then start using the shed for bits and pieces, the job seems to get harder and harder! I mopped the whole floor and left it for 30 minutes before hosing it all down and leaving it overnight.
Once all the outside of each section was done, I then poured the paint into a paint tray and applied with a roller on an extension pole. I had a day to spare so gave it another weak Sugar Soap mop and left it to dry over night again ( was doing it during the week so it dried while I was at work ). I've heard of people just pouring the paint on to the concrete instead of using the tray but I found this made a thorough mess and I couldn't seem to get consistency. Using the tray probably took longer but on different sections I tried both ways and settled on the tray.
After 24 hours I did the second coat the same way I did the first - 6 sections and did all the edges first. After the first coat dried it really looked thin and patchy but the second coat seemed to make it all better.

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