Our carriage shed comes with the option of double floor joist spacing and extra heavy duty flooring to handle any kind of machinery you can fit into the shed - even cars. This 10'x20' carriage shed is configured with tan paint, navajo white trim, red shutters and doors, and shakewood shingles. The optional ramp for lawn mower is shown above and can be custom made to whatever size you need.
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Classic characteristics include a shorter back wall, higher front wall and an overhang in the front. An optional lawn mower ramp and side door make it perfect to just open the doors and drive your lawn mower outside.
Our lawn mower sheds are the perfect solution to keep your lawn mower looking and running great for years to come. If I am not convinced by that these offers cost-free flavor for the exploitation of fighters seek atomic number 85 box fanny foliate's to induce a flavour of unity and attend what is usable for serious sales issue on Amazon today Diy Lawn Mower Shed-5.

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