Based on a description from witnesses, police tracked down 43-year-old Donald Young at his home. Police say in a search of Young’s vehicle they found a pry bar, two hammers, a pair of pliers, two bolt cutters, and gloves. There isn’t room for a potting bench but the roof line could be extended to the left with a bench set underneath the overhang. My shed started to go up last year, I had most of the material I needed on hand and a place to build it. So it's taken awhile to build, still need to finish up a few things but I'm waiting to get my driveway in (if it will ever dry out enough to run a machine and not bury it to the belly in muck when it gets 3' away from a hard surface) before I finish.
Then I'll just load the trim an stuff on the truck, pull right up to it, and go at it with a nailgun.

Put in a full loft with shelving around 8' off the floor, roof was stick framed instead of trussed. Exterior is being oil finished (did the floor too, insects don't seem to like oil finished wood around here). Isn't that how it always works when you do something for yourself and you really know better? This place will REEK with flatulence by Monday ! I'm sipping my cup of Gevalia coffee thinking how nice it Would be to get or give a back rub tonight.
2008Well was thinking that I was going to go to bed so I can get up early for church but I am know craving ice cream strawberry cheesecake Yummy. I wish the sun was out from now on and no more snow but not sure if it is going to happen this is Ohio.

2008You shouldnt have to worry about the house roof collapsing, unless its an old flat roof. 2008Just got back from my daughters had supper with her and helped her with some homework .

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