Plumbing: Plumbing leaks, even with good ventilation and drainage, can cause pier heaving, wood rot, mold and bug infestation. A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair understands that no two foundation problems are the same and will make sure we install the proper pier for your home.
Experience in pier & beam repair is extremely important as needs differ from the typical slab foundation. No matter the need, all new beams, floor joists, sub-flooring, sill plate or the entire foundation, A1 Guaranteed Foundation Repair will make sure you understand exactly what your situation requires. Take just a few seconds to fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment. Fill out the inspection request form and get more than $600 worth of inspection services for FREE. Left alone, a damaged foundation's condition could worsen, which means increasingly more costly repairs. Sinai Construction decides on the appropriate course of action depending on the extent of repairs required and the particular nature of the problems encountered. The following are the usual procedures for repairing foundation cracks, damaged piers, posts and girders and continuing foundation settlement.
If the foundation cracks are repairable, we use an epoxy crack injection which glues the concrete.
Damaged piers, posts and girders are usually replaced to ensure optimal load-bearing capacity. Foundation settlement is natural, and all foundations are expected to have some degree of settlement throughout the years. Underpinning extends the foundation's footing to depths that provide greater bearing capacity. The more advanced thought and planning put into your shed, the greater your long term satisfaction. Foundation - Foundations may be made of one or a combination of the following: patio stones, pressure treated wooden beams, or concrete slabs.

Security - Make sure that your building is visible to your home or the street so that you and your neighbors can keep an eye out for intruders.
Utilities - The number and type of electrical outlets will vary depending on the purpose of the shed.
Contact us to let our shed experts discuss requirements and options so that you set up your shed properly from the beginning.
Thank you for your interest in the quality construction offered by Cardinal Buildings LLC.
Sometimes builders will do a bad job, cut corners and use inferior products in an effort to save money. Repairing beams and not eliminating moisture problems will likely mean the same problems occur again. Because pier & beam foundations are many times part of an older structure, concrete is brittle and possibly cracked. Then we will call on our expertise to get your home back in shape as quickly and painlessly as possible. Inspection options include soft story inspection, foundation inspection, drainage inspection, among other types of structural inspection services.
Unable to carry the weight it bears, it could collapse, taking your investment and your family with it. In the end, the entire foundation may need to be replaced — and that would cost you even more. In underpinning, the soil beneath the existing footing is excavated and replaced with concrete. Unskilled personnel could aggravate foundation issues and cause damage in the home's foundation and structure. Come into our offices to discuss or let Cardinal Buildings experts give you a free on-site consultation. This may be determined by the visual appearance of your home, the lay of your lot, access to the house and drive, as well as other factors.

Thus, we conduct a through inspection and evaluation before we proceed with any repairs; this way, we can tailor our solution to a project's specific needs. This epoxy system provides structural strength which greatly exceeds the strength of the concrete itself. Piers, posts and girders together are responsible for bearing the weight of interior loads. Make sure the ground slopes away from the shed site at least 10 feet in all directions. A garden shed might benefit from an inside sink, while an outside faucet might work better for a standard utility building.
Leaving your failing foundation unrepaired also jeopardizes the safety and well-being of your family. The amount and types of lighting would also vary depending on the intended use of the shed. For pier-and-beam foundations, pier spacing will also depend upon arrangement of floor framing, particularly the location of bearing walls and partitions.
The openness of  spot pier and beam foundation types creates natural venting of the crawlspace. Continuous wall foundations may include interior spot pier columns for support of the pier and beam foundation system.
Moisture control of the crawl space is an important issue with this type of foundation construction. In these cases, the architect, builder, or repair contractor - designed, built or repaired the foundation in a way that seriously affected its structural integrity. See: Foundation Settlement and Settlement Repairs - Common Defects in Foundation Construction --> -->Find out how architectural or construction defects and foundation settlement affect structures.

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