You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This compact 7 x 3 Value Overlap Bike Shed is an attractive storage building that provides space to securely store all the family bikes away.
This 7' x 3' Value Overlap Apex Bike Shed is the perfect storage solution, ideal for secure bicycle storage for both adults and children's bikes. The hardwearing overlap cladding of the wooden shed ensures moisture resistance so your bikes will stay dry and rust free especially during the winter.
Please note: A 10 year anti rot guarantee is included with this product,providing the wood is treated shortly after construction and then again annually with a high quality timber preservative.
Sheds can store equipment and add simple little functions to any backyard, however, did you know sheds can actually add value to your home?
Times are great for home buyers; however, due to the struggling economy some home owners are struggling to sell their homes at their preferred prices.
With that in mind, even if you buy a shed and end up moving out of your house two years later, you can still add the value of your storage shed to the sales price of your home. One of the most important rules to follow when selling your home is to make sure your property is presented well. Hi Pete, From my knowledge and a bit of research I would not expect the walls to be pressure treated. This 10 x 8 Value Overlap Apex Shed features high eaves and double doors for easy, hassle free access. The 10' x 8' Double Door Value Overlap Apex Shed provides for the customer seeking large storage opportunities for their garden. Perfect for the storage of bikes, ladders, and so forth, this size of wooden shed is ideal for anyone needing large storage space at a quality price! Please note: A 10 year anti rot guarantee is included with this product, providing the wood is treated shortly after construction and then again annually with a high quality timber preservative. This durable 10 x 6 Value Overlap Pent Shed is ideal for keeping your belongings secure and features windows for easier storing. The overlapping timber construction of the shed is reinforced by 27mm x 32mm interior framing for permanence and this type of shed is durable in weather and as a storage area.

With easy access double doors, double framed corners for added strength and floor joists for a sturdy base this wooden bike shed also boasts a windowless design to enhance its security. With the double doors of this wooden shed incorporated on the 7' panel as opposed to the smaller 3' panel,the accessibility and storage opportunity is enhanced greatly.
We also offer FREE pick your day UK delivery for the majority of areas; however please check the delivery section for more details.
The homes are exactly the same except for one home has a brand new shed while the other home has a rusty old shed. So, in reality, buying a shed to solve your storage problems is never a waste of your hard earned money.
In addition, prospective buyers will be impressed with your organization which will make your home seem even more valuable. Try to find sheds on sale and once the shed is installed you can forget about your storage concerns. The shed was pretty much straight forward and easy to put together as the instructions were very clear. From my experience the floor timbers would be pressure treated as these are the only bit that is in contact with the ground.
With the overlap cladding design, it is easy to see why these selections of modern and reliable wooden sheds are so popular.
The feather edge overlap boards and slanted pent roof allows rainwater to drip away from the interior.
If you're looking for a high quality shed with great design, then this shed is worth the investment. This Value Overlap Apex Bike Shed is a modern and stylish way of keeping the family bicycles in storage and ensuring they stay neat, dry and protected from the elements.
We have heard from several customers who are hesitant in investing in a storage shed when they’re unsure of how long they are going to live at their property. These days, the real estate market is unpredictable, so chances are you may have your house on the market for many years before it is sold at an acceptable price.
Installing a new shed in your backyard may make all the difference between a sale and another missed opportunity!

In terms of any parts missing, I did have to buy some bolts which were not included in the shed assembly kit. The two glazed windows are made from Styrene which is an environmentally friendly and safer alternative to glass. Solid sheet materials are used in the construction of floor and roof boards, this allows the Timber to be reinforced, strong and sturdy.
They feel it is a waste of money to buy a shed when they are going to sell their home soon after.
If your home is being sold with appliances and a shed included, you’re reducing the amount of work for a buyer. I had some help putting together the shed but I was able to have it prepped and finished in approximately 8 hours done over a two day span.
Bearers on the underneath of the shed raise it up to prevent it sitting on damp ground which helps to prevent rotting from occurring. I used pressure treated 2 by 4's, piers of concrete, a hammer, nails, a tape measure and saw to build the shed. Roofing felt on the exterior prevents rainwater from weathering the roof and making it weaker.
The floor and roof is made from high quality, solid sheet material and makes this shed sturdy. The only problem which I came across were the missing parts, but after informing Home Depot, I was given the said parts for free.
I found the shed to be more than satisfactory and it hasn't sprung a leak just yet (although I've only had it for approximately a year now). I haven't had any problems with the shed just yet and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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