Kathryn Ledson, senior marketing manager for Cuprinol, said: 'We're incredibly proud to sponsor the Shed of the Year competition for the fourth year in a row. Ms Ledson added: 'At Cuprinol we love the idea of people cheering up their shed and we encourage people to get creative with their outside spaces. Judge Andrew Wilson - know in shed circles as Uncle Wilco - said: 'I started the Shed of the Year competition as I've always been passionate about sheds. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Small opening: The Hobbit House in Merseyside, which has entered the annual competition sponsored by garden woodcare firm Cuprinola€?Then when I looked on books about koi carp, I saw pictures of Japanese gardens and thought that was a nice theme to go with.
From out of space: This 'Starliner Diner' was entered by Chris Galley from Chichester, West Sussex.
Room with a view:A Ben Filmore, from Amersham in Buckinghamshire, is hoping that his 'Shedservatory' will be popular among the judges. Iconic Australian architectural elements include the use of a verandah, whether this is a wraparound or just on one side. McCloud, a giant in the world of architecture and design, said that Australia offered a veritable array of climates and environments, making it a unique and exciting country to build in.

Zero carbon houses, like this propery in Campbelltown, Adelaide, are the future of Australian design, said McCloud. Sustainability is going to be a strong focus in design in the next decade, said the designer. A 'shed house' on the Sunshine Coast: 'I have a lot of people saying, 'Oh I want my house to look like this house from Australia,' and there's a real fascination with tiny shacks, and corrugated iron sheds.
McCloud said that British-born Australian architect Glenn Murcutt, who has won international awards for his designs, such as the above property, drew heavily upon these influences.
In architecture the sun is often a conscious design element, where the sun is shaded from the inside of the building,' McCloud said.
From the country to the city, from Queensland to Tasmania, there is so much difference.''Some will have a much cooler climate and have sea breezes, and then another will have mountain temperatures. The designer said that architectural movements such as art deco are experiencing a resurgence in Australia, and was a 'badge of Australian' architecture, as well as appearing in pockets all over the world such as Miami, Prague, Portugal and South American and South Asian countries. So I decided to create a Westernised version of it.a€™Mr Verlander was quoted A?7,000 by a local firm to build the tea house a€“ so set about doing it himself for under A?1,000.
My wife has girlsa€™ evenings in the tea house with her friends and our grandchildren love it - although they call it the a€?treehousea€?.a€?I go down there every day to feed the fish.

In architecture the sun is often a conscious design element, where the sun is shaded from the inside of the building.''This extends to contemporary 1960's and modern architecture. McCloud identified five steps for prospective property sellers to ensure you make the most of your property.'The first is to employ good people- from designers to architects, from builders, project managers, and carpenters.
There's a big push in the UK for houses that are influenced by Australian architecture,' McCloud said. Whatever the scale of your project, employ people who see the world the way you do,' he said.'Secondly, don't get too hung up on price, but do pay attention to personal recommendations. Get friends or people you know to tell you who is worth hiring, and use local people.''Next, spend money on the bones of the building. You can always revisit the plumbing or kitchen, and most people do, but to revisit the structure is very tricky.''Spend money on things you touch. We live in a very visual world, and we forget that we really judge the quality of things through our fingers.

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