With its sneaker-like style and exceptional comfort, the Irish Setter Shed Tracker Chukka ankle boot is sure to become your favorite new hunting partner. Living in New York City, I was surrounded by the ideals of ownership, power, wealth, and change.
Homelessness is also illegal in the city of New York, therefore you don’t run into RV or mobile home dwellers, as you might in Los Angeles.
Also, with the tiny home being a box truck with a role gate, I could easily pull out a motorcycle or bicycle from the back with out any strain.
Not tiny house-related, but this blog does cover art, DIY projects, and repurposing, and this painting wraps all three of those things together. The question pierced the air around 2pm on Sunday just an hour or two before I was to fly back home. For two days I had spoken on small spaces dating back to 8,000 BC and the technological and architectural accomplishments along the way (and in a fairly academic way I might add) only to have my life and my passion belittled because of a lack of shoes.
Now, take the subject of shoes and replace it with cars or DVDs or couches or place settings or even hours spent at work. EcoCabins understood this conundrum some time ago and worked to find a place for tiny houses at a popular Homearama in a major city in an effort to help demystify the that and the it. AUTHORS NOTE: this post is my personal experience and does not represent Tiny House Blog, EcoCabins, or any ladies who fit the aforementioned description.
Today we’ve got something perfect for anyone looking to build their own tiny shipping container home. As most of you probably know the shipping container home movement has grown considerably over the last several years- in fact we’ve covered some on them on the blog here and here.
Shipping container homes can be converted to make the perfect tiny home and we’ve seen some incredible homes over the last couple of years. I’d like to thank Tom from containerhomeplans.org, who got in touch with me earlier on this month to offer the readers of Tiny House Blog a pack of free tiny shipping container home floor plans. Tom has a background in sustainable construction and this is what caused him to come across the idea of making homes out of recycled shipping containers. They run case studies on their site about other people who have built container homes and break down the cost, materials they used, how long it took them and what they learnt. This immaculately restored 1949 Bedford Housebus has been part of New Zealand's motoring history. So, those videos you see on youtube on my channel, well, A LOT of the art in the builds I create are pieces I do myself. The reasons women have listed for wanting a she shed include a place to read in quiet, pottery, a place to write write, meditate, or drink some wine – it essence, a hideaway where they can escape.
Offered in suede—with ArmaTec in key wear areas for enhanced abrasion resistance—this multi-season men's hunting boot gets you where you need to go in wild and urban settings alike.

The cost of a slice of land to build a tiny home on, or even a mobile park, is unsustainable and unprofitable. I could use it to shoot films in the desolate barren locations for days on end that otherwise would be to cumbersome to take on. A regional (and scaled down) version of the Tiny House Jamboree scheduled for August 7-9 in Colorado Springs, CO, the Mini Jam seemed to be a successful version of what could very well be a recurring event in regions around the country. I stared at the middle aged woman not sure if her half-cocked grin was to point out a bit of comic timing or to solicit a response from me.
In one sentence I became aware that a large number of our population still finds a bit of fault with anyone who chooses anything other than the status quo. Furthermore, if you are going to be in or near Colorado Springs, CO August 6-8 consider being part of the Tiny House Jamboree.
This cover pays out for any damage to the structure arising from events such as fire, vandalism or burglary.Moveable items such as garden furniture, cycles, garden and DIY tools are considered as household contents. He started the containerhomeplans site to act as a central online resource for shipping container homes and to help people who are looking for detailed information on how to build their own. In fact, the art studio where I do them (a revamped store front in my downtown center that I was sick of seeing empty) will be the site for a future workshop on Tiny House Building, Maker Skills, and MORE- July 25th-26th. Perhaps it is because I live in New York City and do not have a yard and thus no room for a shed. But I guess I’ve never thought of needing my own separate space like that, Adam and I get along pretty well so I don’t usually feel the need to escape, lol!
The non-metallic support shank, EVA midsole and removable EVA insole lend generous support, welcome when you have to spend hours on your feet. The only way for me to live in a more sustainable, mobile, temporary existence would be to build a tiny home that no one would expect.
I can work in the big city for a few months, and if I desire leave at any moment for the outdoors, with no hesitation. The amount of stuff that they were going to toss was insane, so me and the crew jumped at the chance to recycled as much of it as we could (but of course!).Suffice to say, we made out like bandits!Anyway, check out the video, and this 4' long piece IS for sale- asking $400.
Generally speaking, insurers impose restrictions on the amount you can claim for these items damaged or stolen from your garden outbuildings.
It does not have to be a hideaway just a peaceful place for yourself or to share with others.
Maybe being generally un-hip (aka square) had something to do with it?But sometimes, they jump out at ya!Walt Kelly’s Pogo featured a loose community of characters living deep in Okefenokee Swamp. I was forced to work in very particular areas, where as an artist certain studios and companies flourished. Through them, he gently parodied (US) American life, politics and religion in a sly, folksy manner now all but extinct.My Grandparents had several of his books, collecting the strip.

The road, the woods, the beach, the mountains, the suburbs, the city, the desert, are my home.
All that aside though what I did was participate in a weekend of fielding legal questions, grinning through human poop jokes, and watching couples argue over whose clothes could stay and whose had to go if they were to go tiny.
One of the many highlights of visiting them was to read and reread them all, understanding more of their deeper wit with each passing year. It was a comical time to say the least but one that also made me realize the American Dream ethos may be stronger than ever and the time is now to reemphasize the cautions of real estate bubbles and unrealistic and unsustainable lifestyle choices.
Live building, a tiny house tour, guest speakers, live demos, and more!ABOVE: SOLDAnyway, here's a tiny house piece (BELOW) on canvas I recently did- an abstract "tiny house village" or "Tiny house community". Their antics were plenty amusing on a superficial level, and I came to see how they reflected those of the larger world around me, in all its nonsensical glory.In another way of looking at them, each of the characters could be seen as facets of a single personality.
This one is for sale- $120.Below I also have some other tiny house-like pieces I've done- and yes, I DO custom pieces if you're ever looking. We are real people with real lives, real families, real dreams, and real shoes…soul and all. The idea of building out one of these vehicles began to manifest more each day as I came to realize that some of them never moved, due to a law allowing commercial vehicles to forgo the parking laws. Therefore, I could build a house and leave it right outside my studio or workplace, and never worry about racking up fines. I also could take my home and move to another area at any moment, without breaking an leases or contracts. It may unconventional, unpredictable, and even uncomfortable at times, but in my experience these attributes can be overcome easily as long as you prepare yourself for them. I am only 24, so I may be very wrong about what experiences are worthwhile, but so far the world is brighter everyday I spend in this free, transient, ever-changing lifestyle and I recommend it to everyone. Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories, Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows, and Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons stories. I grabbed my phone, pulled up Safari, and googled the number of shoes the average American has.
According to a TIME magazine article from 2010 the average American male owns 12 pair of shoes while the average female owns 27 pair.

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