The world of shed antler hunting with dogs has exploded in the last few years, and many of those same handlers are also looking to increase their odds of locating mortally-wounded whitetails. Thanks largely to pro trainers, our grouse and pheasant dogs are capable of mastering far more tasks than once thought possible. Anything that gets a sporting dog into the field and woods, with the chance to use his eyes and nose, is a good thing. Few people understand this better than Pulaski, Wis., resident and Dog Bone training products owner Jeremy Moore.
While firmly entrenched in the upland and waterfowl training, Moore is stretching into shed antler and deer recovery. When asked about his training beginnings and the transition from duck hunting to shed hunting and deer-tracking dogs, Moore said, “I started getting serious about training dogs while I was in college.
As with so many things in life, the learning process of how to properly train a dog comes from making mistakes and one seemingly simple misstep with a puppy can alter the course of their lives and never truly be corrected. This is why there are so many dogs that are terrified of gunfire or water deeper than their elbows. Moore’s new training antlers proved to be a good move, and he quickly added scent to the Dog Bone training product line, which has grown to include different colored antlers as well. While expanding his training regimen to include shed antler dogs, Moore recognized many parallels to his bird hunting training.
As is often the case, the new direction of training puppies to locate shed antlers led to a further branching into the world of deer—specifically, game recovery. Currently, nearly half of the states allow dogs to be used to recover wounded deer and there is a movement to expand that usage into more states. Moore trains several dogs each year to hunt shed antlers as well as track or recover game, which are in high demand by outfitters and die-hard whitetail hunters.
Our dogs are capable of much more than we give them credit for, and if they are trained correctly, they will take to new tasks with vigor. Trainers like Moore are a testament to that fact, and it will be interesting to see where they take dog training to next.
Whatever it is, you can bet that it will benefit a vast majority of hunters and give our dogs another chance to hit the woods and fields with a chance to prove themselves as more than a single-purpose tool. Many bird dog owners are expanding their dogs’ list of tasks by adding shed antler hunting and game recovery to their daily duties. A love of “all things deer and ducks” has led Jeremy Moore into a life of professional dog training.

Professional trainers like Moore are taking bird dogs into uncharted territory like shed antler hunting and big-game recovery. Well we are glad that prefer to choose duck hunting and we do hunt at Nicaragua, we often use dogs in retrieving what we shoot there are someone took that for us. Dog breeds that don't shed ( hypoallergenic dogs ), Hypoallergenic dog breeds are dog breeds (or designer dog breeds) that are more compatible with allergic persons than other dog breeds. Dogs that don't shed: 23 hypoallergenic dog breeds, Non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs seem to be more popular than ever. 6 reasons bucks shed their antlers - wide open spaces, Related: record shed antlers found with facebook’s help. Tips for finding shed antlers - youtube, It was early january and we were up north hoping to find some antlers that a buck may have dropped early in the shed hunting season. I have a young lab that i have been training to shed hunt i just need him to get the final idea of what hes searching for. If you feel the post above is in bad taste or violates the Rules Of Conduct please report it to the Lake-Link Moderators.
I have a black lab that is 6 years old and never trained him to find anything, do you think he could get into finding sheds if I train him? This dog was trained for an outfitter in Buffalo County using The Dog Bone training system, and has found over 60 this year. New Hampshire has a world champion shed hunting dog who is headed out to Minnesota to defend her title. After GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced Wednesday that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate, Sen. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. It may not seem beneficial to take a finely-honed bird dog and train him to follow the scent of a wounded buck, or seek out a tall-tined antler lying in the grass, but it is.
His multi-faceted love of the outdoors, along with a penchant for training dogs, has led to a high demand for Moore-trained pups.
My parents have a small kennel (about one litter each year) of goldens, so I’ve been around dogs my whole life, but when I was in college I really got into duck hunting and that’s when I bought my first Lab. He had shed hunted his entire life, but found more fallen antlers that first year with his dog than all the previous years combined.
Moore knew this, and was dead-set on not delivering his new pup into the same fate with antlers.

The basis for the line is to teach a dog to use both his eyes and nose to locate cast antlers, a far cry from the upland bird world, where the sense of smell dominates nearly every move the dog makes. One of the toughest parts to game recovery training, according to Moore, involves locating the right training tools. For game recovery training, you need several scent source elements, including hides and blood, which are a lot harder to find and preserve for use year-round. This is simply because my dogs love to retrieve and their reward after successfully scenting out the dummy is to get to pick it up and bring it back to me. It’s really amazing just how tough a deer can be and some will live; that’s just the reality. Moore-trained pups may be asked to find shed antlers, recover wounded deer, and hunt just about anything with feathers.
Dogs trained to track wounded game will learn to follow scent trails and are much better at recovering mortally wounded animals. Most efficient and able to retrieve almost anything though I plan to have and train my own dog duck retriever.
After graduating from college I picked up a dog from Wildrose Kennels in Mississippi and really started to follow their style of training. It didn’t take long to realize there was an opportunity to take shed dogs mainstream, and he again picked up another puppy from Wildrose.
And if there’s one thing nearly every deer hunter could use from time to time, it’s post-shot recovery.
I had to keep a freezer of both, stored up from the fall hunting season, so that I had the tools to train any time of the year. I knew that I had screwed up and had to figure out a way to conduct a softer introduction to antlers. This leads the hunter or the dog owner to believe the tag is filled and the trail will be short, but after doing this for a while I’ve witnessed that more often than not, the dog knows.
The Amateur Class was won by DeeDee, a black Lab owned and handled by Parker Uhlman of Thornton, N.H. I think it helped that i laid an antler in a couple of spots that you would focus on when searching for sheds by your self.

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