2016 Prices For Deer & Elk Sheds Posted on April 27, 2016 by admin Mike: What are antlers going for these days? A successful shed hunt requires a lot of patience, a sharp eye and the ability to cover plenty of ground. March is also an ideal time to search for antlers because the under growth which is waiting to explode will typically hold off until April – which bring with it poison ivy and ticks! Including the kids in the hunt for antlers is a great chance to spend time with the young’uns and teach them about being in the woods. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your kids in the woods, make it an adventure!
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Posted on April 22, 2016 by admin Happy Earth Day weekend, I hope you can get out and shoot a turkey or do some fishing. While the latter two are obviously important issues for us, this will be the most important election ever regarding the Second Amendment; hard to believe, but Hillary is farther left than Obama on our right to own and carry firearms.So what are Donald Trump’s views on guns? If you see a greenie-weenie environmentalist strutting around and preening on this Earth Day, tell them to stick that in their pipe and smoke it.Also point them to this article by two of America’s top deer biologists, Drs. The deer farm market has killed the price of the smaller wild antlers, but they are still moving, albeit slowly.The Peak Antler Company in Colorado buys elk and mule deer antlers suited for building furniture and lighting products, and uses smaller antlers and scraps for dog chews. According to a recent interview in Petersen’s Hunting magazine:On Second Amendment issues he was spot on… Gun-free zones create easy targets for criminals. Excerpt:In the United States roughly 3 million white-tailed deer are harvested each year from a still-growing population of approximately 19 million.

Add to this the amount of elk, turkey, squirrel, rabbit and other game as well as wild fruits, nuts, and vegetables that is consumed. To produce this amount of beef, chicken, or vegetable crops in addition to that which is already produced would be ecologically devastating. Acres and acres of wild places would have to be destroyed to accommodate this increased agricultural production. Isn’t it better that some of us reap a sustained harvest from natural systems, rather than destroy these systems?And so we shall go on hunting, shooting animals, catching fish and eating them, our environment is better for it.

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