Heating at the property is now provided by a 14kW Extraflame Wood Pellet Boiler via the 250 litre Thermal Store in conjunction with their existing Solar Thermal system. The Wood Pellets are supplied by a nearby company ensuring a very low carbon footprint and also helping the local economy.
Deliveries of pellets come in bags on pallets and are stored in a weather proof container which allows the owner to remove bags as and when required. If you would like to know more about wood pellet boilers and a guide price, please contact us here. Special Note: It was decided to place the boiler in a new outside building (Shed) as there was very little room in the main house itself. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Wood Pellet Boiler Installation, Wood Pellet Boiler Supplier Somerset.
This Home bar and storage shed was recently manufactured, constructed insulated and lined by us in Abergele, North Wales. The North Shed Available as a DIY KIT or a full installed finished building with your choice of a traditional Gable Roof or Shed roof configuration. Shed Liquidators responds to a down-turned economy with a complete turn-key solution designed to offer economical sheds online that offer a hassle-free, no gimmick experience.
Shed Liquidators launched a brand new customer-focused website to respond to consumers who desire convenience and savings for storage solutions.

With over 30 years experience in the manufacturing and retailing of wood sheds, Shed Liquidators initially is offering 2 types of sheds, gambrel and gable, with plans for future expansion. While the savings show in the price of the sheds, the convenience factor can be seen in the delivery and installation that is included in the price (with additional charges for those who live beyond the 50 mile radius of the closest clearance center). Shed Liquidators is a private manufacturer, supplier, and retailer of wood storage buildings with over 30 years experience. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Roll formed onsite with a mobile roll forming facility, Hiland Tray is an innovative product that is available in long, single lengths.
Steel pegs and masonry anchors are availabe to fix your wood shed to a base of concrete or pavers.
Stratco is one of the largest producers and marketers of quality building and home improvement products in New Zealand with a network of stores throughout the country.
The house was previously heated by a small uncontrolled back boiler (Coal fired) connected to a 250 Ltr Thermal Store; which never reached the desired temperatures, despite having Solar Thermal Collectors. Insulated pipes run from the Thermal Store inside the house down along the outside wall connecting directly to the boiler in the outbuilding. It was also discussed that at a later date the property may be extended at which time the boiler would be located inside the new extension.

This ultra sleek and modern looking shed would make a perfect guest cabin, backyard office or personal retreat. Comprised of crimp bent steel cladding for the roof and side walls and a standard steel cladding sheet for the back wall. The shed provides adequate protection against the elements and houses the boiler and pellets comfortably. The size of this building was 20ft x 12ft and we also did all groundworks incuding a concrete base.
Stratco Wood Sheds are a great way to quickly add valuable outdoor kindling storage to your backyard. The sheets are fixed together and fit into bottom channels that attach the shed to the base with footing brackets.

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