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Mac is very knowledgeable about railways - and, surprisingly (for a SR engineman) his favourite loco class is the Gresley A4s, hence the reason I include this shot of him in the cab of 60024 Kingfisher at Basingstoke shed (70D). Indeed Mac has taken some wonderful photographs of classic Eastern Region steam at Kings Cross station and Top Shed during the early 1960s, and I can think of no better way of starting his 'Rail Cameraman' page than with this truly iconic photograph of Kings Cross station in its heyday. On the right, Brush Type 2 D5672 also waits to be released from the adjacent platform.(Above-Below) Two fine shots of A3 Class 60110 'Robert the Devil' as she leaves Kings Cross station on 15th June 1962. The shot was taken on 15th June 1962 with A3 Class 60062 'Minoru' in the foreground and an unidentified EE Co Deltic class bearing the WTT number 1A21 (09.55am from Newcastle) which has arrived on the next platform.

The fuel point can be seen in the distance.(Above-Below) Moving to Kings Cross Top Shed (34A) preparation is complete and A1 Class 60117 'Bois Roussel' exits the shed to run light to Kings Cross station to pick up her train. Framed beneath the archway, an unidentified A3 awaits release and a porter pushing a barrow looks  across at Mac just as the camera shutter is released.
The A3s moved to other duties, most notably the expresses to Scotland on the Midland Route out of Leeds.
On entering traffic in 1937 this loco was originally named 'Golden Shuttle', but in 1945 the loco was renamed Dwight D Eisenhower in recognition of his service as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces during World War 2; Eisenhower later became the 34th President of the United States 1953-1961). The first recorded sighting of 60117 in operation was on November 8th as light engine at Doncaster and twelve days later when hauling a train through Grantham. No 60010 is now on display at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA and recent efforts to repatriate the locomotive back to the UK have been unsuccessful. No 60117 was one of the ten longest-lasting A1s, but after almost sixteen years pounding the East Coast Main Line between Kings Cross and West Yorkshire, her last recorded working was the 6.03pm Leeds to Kings Cross on January 5th 1965. The 'squaddies' exiting the station platform look as though they are about to go on some well-earned leave.

Doubtless there would have been a lot more life left in Bois Roussel had dieselisation not been rushed through so quickly. A racehorse by name and, with its named expresses a racehorse by nature!
Like her numerical predecessor, 60118 'Archibald Sturrock', 60119 was named to commemorate an eminent GNR locomotive superintendent whose tenure at Doncaster was three decades (1866 to 1895). It was love at first sight and I can still remember the first one I spotted there, No 60026 'Miles Beevor.
Perhaps Patrick Stirling is best remembered for his 'Single' which is considered the epitome of nineteenth century elegance combined with power; looking at the elegant lines of the Peppercorn Class A1s we have a twentieth century version of those same qualities.
However, the most famous A4 Pacific of them all, 60022 'Mallard', is shown here with her bevel-shaped smokebox front lifted at Kings Cross Top Shed in 1962. On 3 July 1938 No 4468 'Mallard' (the first of the class to enter service with the Kylchap exhaust) set a world speed record of 126 mph hauling six coaches and a dynamometer car.

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