Raleigh koi pond, japanese azumaya - Asian - Deck - raleigh - by Down to Earth Designs, Inc. In MSW incarnation #1, there was a few threads about the work of Master modeler Chris Watton and some upcoming kits that he was designing for Amati. Don't know the status myself, but I had just sent Chris an email to see if he would repost this thread of Victory Models update. I'm also looking forward to the Revenge when it's released, the photos that were posted looked really great. Chris had also mentioned his wife was looking to restart their 'Online-Hobbies' retail site but it still seems to be down. Hi Mark, you are absolutely right mate, when I was looking her up I thought she bore a great resemblance to the Aggie so I assumed she was of the Ardent class of cruiser.

I am sorry it took so long to re-register - but I have been very busy - plus my internet has been intermittent. Good to hear from you again, your Victory looks magnificent, beautiful lines on the stern and Quarter Galleries. One question, I see you have included Stern Davits, does this mean you are not aiming the period of the kit specifically to the Trafalgar configuration? The Prince of Wales feathers are also absent, these were a later embellishment being fitted in 1837 having been removed from the Prince. I certainly agree that the Foc'sle looks better with the exposed timberheads, regardless of any historical considerations.
Presumably this is why they no longer appear on HMS Victory, which they did for many years.

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