Get this Stylish SummerHouse for a great Value of $3700 this unbeatable offer is only for a limited time, Supplied in easy to set up Kitset, can be done in a day.
The 2.2m Wave Slide can be added to multiple Playgrounds and forts and is easily installed.
Plastic Baby Swing and T-bar with rope – The first swinging step for your little one, this swing is safe, comfortable durable.
Here at Timber Kitsets we have big plans, We eventually will export to do good old New Zealand some good, but until then we have got a lot to go. 5 x Rock Wall Holds, for adding to your existing Rock Wall add on or simply getting creative with your PlayZone playground! Telescope with fasteners – this sturdy PlayZone accessory is a wonderful enhancement for imagination and adventure. Greenwood is dedicated to designing and supplying strong, durable and cost-effective farm sheds and buildings, American barns, cattle yards, sheep yards, stables, barn stables,barn kits and farm bridges throughout New Zealand.
Durability – all timber products are appropriately treated and all steel products are galvanized (as a minimum) to withstand New Zealand’s tough environment.

Safety – we will only design, specify and supply fit-for-purpose materials – we will never compromise in this respect.
Ease of use – it all starts with a good design…… A good design enables “ease of use” (and ease of assembly). Cost competitiveness – we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible and regular feedback is that GreenWood pricing is very cost competitive, so please call and feel free to check out our offer. At Kiwi Garden Sheds, we only sell New Zealand made Garden Master & Galvo sheds at the best possible price. We have taken the hassle and risk out of buying a new shed by offering only what we believe are the best value kitsets, with a 7 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.
Galvo & Garden Master sheds have been proudly made in New Zealand for over 35 years by a family owned business.
You won't find plants, tools and hardware, just a carefully selected range of kitset sheds that will look great in your backyard. With plenty of space to swing and climb, this wooden playground makes great use of a longer space.

The location of our distribution centres and sales-support reps enable us to service all corners of the country swiftly and very competitively. This enables us to better understand farmers’ on-farm requirements for stock management facilities (cattle yards), waterway crossings (farm bridges), and farm buildings (barn shed, barn stables, farm sheds, calf sheds, feed pad sheds, wintering barns, car & utility sheds), plus many more types of buildings. Buy direct from us and you will receive a great quality, easy to assemble shed that will last for years. Buying a shirt or making a donation of even $1 will give a big part in getting us to the exporting stage. Galvo sheds share some design features with the Garden Master range, but come in a smaller range of sizes and colours.

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