We are based in Fort Augustus and have been building and erecting traditional style, robust, quality sheds, garages, stables, workshops and hen houses throughout the Highlands & Islands since 2004. Dismantling is not only traumatic for your old shed, it is equally traumatic for its eight-legged inhabitants, so we take care to minimize this impact by carefully removing any spiders out of harm’s way. We don’t just dump your old shed or put it on a bonfire, we dismantle it completely at our premises allowing any remaining insects to escape to freedom!

As we are only a small business, run by just the two of us and very occasionally a helper, we do not charge VAT and, with no aspirations to take over the world, we feel we can give a more personal, non- pressured and friendly service. We have tried to set out our prices page to make it as easy as possible to calculate the total cost for the shed that you want, so… no pretending to buy a product right up to the point of no return just to find out the delivery cost and whether or not VAT is to be added! 12 x 12 gable storage shed project plans design 21212 from plans - Find great deals on ebay for shed plans 12 x 20 shed plans.

If you are looking for something more specific to your requirements I am more than happy to design and quote for whatever you want.

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