Lowe's Companies (NYSE: LOW ) is scheduled to report fourth-quarter 2011 results tomorrow, February 27, before the markets open. In addition to the garden plots, there will be compost bins, rain barrels, pavers, fencing, trellis, perennial gardens, a storage shed, and water service for irrigation.
If anything, Ward 5 should demand that its council member try to get a Lowes to open up as well.
Nanodiamonds designed to toughen artificial joints also might prevent the inflammation caused when hardworking metal joints shed debris into the body, according to an early study published this week in the journal Acta Biomaterialia.
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Baltimore County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Frederick County, Baltimore City, and Anne Arundel County. This record is to document various problems with a vinyl siding job that was contracted through Lowe's in Brunswick, GA.
Before the job was started, we were told that there would be no need to paint anywhere on the house, that any exposed wood would be covered in metal.
We did not have the time to oversee this job nor did we feel that it was our responsibility.
After that, the siding on one side of the house and on the carport began to fall off and we noticed the metal wrap on the 4x4 posts was wavy, showing big gaps along the seams. I started off by pointing out the rusty nails and told them I had taken a nail out and brought it to the hardware department at Lowe's to find out what kind they were, I was cut off by one of the men who said they were paneling nails. When showing the way the posts were wrapped poorly, one guy immediately said that it was the post behind the wrapping that was causing the problem. Their siding installer openly admitted he does not have the tools required to fix the job in regards to the metal wrapping. They went a step further to say that my father requested that this man not be allowed back on the property. At this point they started to walk away saying that they shouldn't even be talking to me, that "if this goes to court it will be with my father." I said I could step inside and get him right now and they said they would just go back to the store and talk to management. He said that we were outside of the 1 year warranty period and that they were not obligated to fix anything.
He seemed irritated that he was talking to me rather than my father just as the team had been earlier today. After speaking with the Lowe's corporate office, they assured me that it was ok for me to help my father in this case.
I informed him we would be getting a professional vinyl siding installer to inspect the job ourselves since he declined to have the home inspector check the installation.
A few hours later a vinyl installer that was recommended to me showed up unexpectedly and walked around pointing out issues with the install. July 3, 2012 I called corporate to let them know I still had not received my copy of the inspection notes. Excessive seams stacked directly on top of each other, I am told, is one of the first things you learn to avoid when doing vinyl siding. Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner For Your Tile & Hardwood Floors – This Stuff Work’s Way Better! Just Wait Till You See The Inside Of This Guys Trailer – I Can’t Stop Talking About It! The Five Tool Rule: What You Always Must Have On Hand – Don’t Be Caught Without These!
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I should have dug the holes deeper for the concrete, but after months and months of hardly no rain, the ground was so hard, it was the best I could do. The tarnished bronze finish and classic cage design creates a vintage look that also fits in a modern outdoor decor. Shadowboxes hold planters (and baby plants) up and out of the way, where they get more sun, and bonus: decorative!
Eclectic Mission (LOVE the rug) In this sunroom, simple, mission-style furniture gets a dose of personality thanks to a handful of colorful decorating touches. Last week, rival Home Depot (NYSE: HD ) posted better-than-expected results, despite the weak housing market, due in part to better same-store sales and a mild winter season.
Several reasons contributed to the "3 day job" (how long Lowe's said the job would take) taking several weeks.
It was at this time we really started to question the quality of the install and thought it wise to do a thorough inspection of the rest of the house before the warranty expired so we could have any lingering issues resolved before it was too late. I pulled out one of the nails and brought it to the Lowe's hardware department to see what type of nail it was. I was told that another installer would be taking his place and that he would be there with some other Lowe's employees to review the issues.
I didn't even have to finish explaining that the hardware guy said they were indoor paneling nails that shouldn't be used outdoors, he already knew it. I'm not sure how you can determine the condition of the post behind the wrapping while standing 8 ft away, though once it was mentioned, everyone jumped on board to support the theory that it was structural and we would have to replace the posts for the wrap to be applied properly.
One of the men said that "the house wrap is actually the metal wrap that is on the house" and that "an underlayment is never installed on a remodel." On the proposal it has the metal wrap and house wrap listed as two distinct items, both of which are checked.

The reasoning behind not using angled cuts on all of the j-channel was explained to me as "a house is not always square." I worked as a custom cabinet builder for 8 years and I know first hand that homes are not built perfectly square. Their installer said that this should have been corner trim like what was used on the other corners of the house.
When I showed this to the group they determined it was cut to allow for expansion and contraction. Around the window you can see where they started to caulk the screen in by mistake and stopped, but didn't bother wiping out the caulk. Obviously the guy who did the job, while may have used his best judgement, did not use good judgement.
I told him we are not interested in getting money back, we just want the job completed up to our standards. When I told him we were within the 1 year period, he began questioning why we had waited so long to report any problems. My father is 65 years old and does not need the stress involved with dealing with this problem and has asked me to handle it for him.
He said the job looked fine minus a couple of pieces that were cut short, though he felt they were cut short to allow for expanding and contracting. I told him my siding guy could not be here this week and he said he had to move forward so he could "put this job to rest." I asked what had changed since the last time when he told me the inspector would not be coming and he informed me he had found someone that would do the inspection for free.
He took me to an install he had done in a nearby neighborhood to show me what a proper installation looks like and after years of being installed, the job still looks great. I showed him a more accessible spot doing the same thing and he set up a ladder and pulled the piece off, cut it and nailed it back up to fit.
I told him that I saw for myself some of his work that he willingly took me to see and after several years the jobs still looks better than ours. I asked the inspector for a copy before they left and he said he would make a copy at the store and come back to drop mine off. I was told the local store would be taken out of the equation and that I would be able to send my notes along with pictures to a supervisor who would pass it on to the marketing director. I informed her that I had spoke with corporate and that they would be taking over the situation.
He was upset that I had gone to corporate and went on to tell me that it did not matter if I was talking to corporate because ultimately "this is not a corporate problem it is a local store #2643 problem." I told him that I was told the complaint was marked complete at the local store level which he denied. The way that we have been treated by the management at our local Lowe's store really reflects the level of professionalism shown in these pictures.
I can see that this installation did not follow even the basic steps outlined in this guide.
He said that Lowe's would be treating this as a new installation, removing the existing siding and starting over. Operation is easy with its included wall control which can be installed in place of an existing wall switch. Hundreds of dollars in scrap metal was missing from the storage shed behind his ma's house in Big Beaver, Pennsylvania. When the installer was informed that the board was rotten, he was hestitant to remove the vinyl and questioned whether or not he was supposed to replace it. We are not aware of one time that an actual Lowe's employee came to check on progress or the quality of the install. The main installer openly admitted they had another big vinyl siding job that they needed to do so he could pay his bills as he was not making much money from our installation, basically putting our job on the back burner. The employee said right away that they were paneling nails and pointed them out on the shelf.
He agreed with me 100% that all of my issues needed to be addressed and even told me how he would have done things differently. After they left I measured down the length of some of the posts to find varied widths in the metal wrap. I have since found his statement that an underlayment is never installed on a remodel to be completely untrue.
While the statement is true, it does not excuse why they used straight cuts versus a more visually appealing angled cut in some places. In some places the wrap is actually bowed out below the drip edge of the roof forming a pocket on the fascia for water to sit without a way out.
To make things worse, the original installer installed the j-channel the opposite way on the 2 corners, so one is done with the j-channel doubled-up on the side wall, the other is done with the j-channel doubled-up on the front wall.
Not only was the application horrible, but the type of caulk used does not appear to be rated for outdoor use. It is hard for us to trust his judgement now after finding several issues revolving around poor craftsmanship. Why would the window and door man be sent to review my complaints on vinyl siding and why was he sent to make repairs before? He said that from what his team had gathered from our complaints is that they would have to redo the vinyl siding from scratch to meet our standards and that is something he is not prepared to do. I didn't feel the need to answer that question as we are still within the 1 year warranty period. I am not sure why any 3rd party that does not work for Lowe's would do a free home inspection, but I agreed to walk through the job with his inspector.
None of the problems I am having, that Lowe's has considered normal wear and tear, are evident in his work.
He said "Now, why couldn't the dumbass installer do that to begin with." When I pointed out a rusty nail and told him they used paneling nails on the entire job, he said they were siding nails, but they do look like paneling nails so it's hard to tell the difference. I question her actual knowledge when it comes to vinyl siding as everything she says seems to point to a lack of experience.
I brought up that his siding guy admitted that he does not have the equipment to do the metal wrapping around the house, he then said he has a guy who can do it and pointed to the home inspector. I then walked over to the porch and applied a minimum amount of pressure to the top piece of siding that fell off of the house with ease and asked whether he would complain about that.

These problems did not just happen the next day, they have accumulated over a period of time. The inspector himself said there should not have been caulking applied in some places, yet he suggested they just fill it with more caulking. I told the agent on the phone that I was done dealing with the local store and that I would be getting 2 separate companies to provide me with quotes to fix the vinyl siding and that I would be sending them via certified mail along with my complaints. Hesitant to allow another Lowe's installer to do the installation, we opt'd to settle and use our own installer to complete the work. Please, let’s have a look at some outdoor sun wall decorations, which will show you the answer. He was shown the paperwork that says he was to replace any rotten structure on the exterior of the house where vinyl was to be secured. The quote was roughly $1,000 less than the actual contract price yet the house was not wrapped. We did not complain once about the extended installment period, we just wanted the job done right and not rushed.
He put more nails along the seam of the metal wrap, but this looks bad as you can see in the picture with a nail every few inches down the whole post. When asked what application they are suited for he said that they were used to hang the wood paneling you would find inside an older home.
He said that because of the amount of work involved and the fact that Lowe's would be losing a significant amount of money on this job, he would have to contact his boss and show him what needed to be done before he could get started. It appears to be latex caulk, which turns brittle and cracks when exposed to weather and heat. Most of the places, he said, should not have even been caulked and that it was just covering up for cutting pieces short. He said they would replace the nails that are rusted also, but due to us not having gutters the nails would rust again. He said he does not work directly for Lowe's, but does do this type of thing for Lowe's occasionaly. He said this based on past experience, not from pulling and examining the nails actually used on our house. He also brought up that flashing was not in any of the complaints I had made with the corporate office and that he was only there to go over issues in the Lowe's system notes.
He said he would have his inspector make a list of problems, give me a copy and we would go over them at a later date when my vinyl siding guy could be present (probably Friday, July 6th). That is not my idea of a solution, that is patching up an existing problem using the same methods that caused the problem to begin with. He started hounding me for the name of the person I spoke with at the corporate office, telling me he had no notes in the system that I had spoken with anyone. You can see in at least one place that wood was placed over the existing wood instead of being cut to size, causing the siding to bow outward over the new piece of wood. Their website listed just about every kind of repair possible with the exception of vinyl siding. The wrap on the under side of the carport is floating so there is nothing to secure the middle.
The inspector said that in a spot where the metal wrap met the roof, the roof was not installed properly and that's why the caulk was applied. I gave them my full complaints, whether or not they copied them word for word I do not know, but regardless he should have been willing to hear the complaints straight from the source rather than going solely by notes written based on my phone calls. He then told me that he works with the corporate office and asked who I had been speaking with there. Consider having a bright colored walls and sunny adornments outside, because your guests will be always welcomed by sun and joy. This is hard to show in a picture because of the subtle curve it creates, but it is noticeable in person and I've created a rendering of the problem. I don't think it was humanly possible to inspect the entire job thoroughly in the time they were there. Apparently no one knew that Lowe's was actually contracted to do the roof at the same time the vinyl siding was contracted. I have never heard of a construction job where the consumer was asked to provide the proper nails to complete the job. This can easily be inspected because the vinyl siding is starting to fall off in that area anyway.
I called the number back to verify that this was the number that called me and got his voicemail saying that he was the area installs manager for Lowe's. I informed them that the jobs were indeed contracted at the same time, but the siding guys were late arriving to the job and extremely late finishing the installation.
He implied that I was wasting my time by talking to corporate, that they will actually just send the complaint back to his store to fix.
Nowhere on the box did it say it was used for vinyl siding, but I do agree they look somewhat similar to the nails used on our house, and being aluminum they probably would have been fine.
She tried to "bet" me that they were indeed the same nails used on our house and said she would pull a nail to compare the two.
I told them it was not necessary and went on to inform them that aluminum does not rust, it oxidizes (home inspector agreed) which creates a dark coat around the nail which prevents further oxidation.
During the explaination of oxidation and aluminum properties the inspector began rolling his eyes. When I saw this I told him he could roll his eyes all he wants, but facts are facts at which point he started to walk towards the front of the house.
When asked later the home inspector said he pulled one but it was hard to tell what it was.

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