European Oak was utilised extensively in this project which took a rather scruffy, disused cart shed and, with the addition of large expanses of oak-framed windows, converted it into a bright, modern office space for a busy Quantity Surveyor’s Practice. This was a design and build project to accommodate for the provision of robotic milking. Our commercial construction team has completed a multitude of challenging projects over the last 25 years. HB Projects carried out another home shopping operation for Asda, this one in Bolton, Lancashire and represents a good example of a store.

This project involved a complete refit of an existing Pharmacy within a busy shopping centre.
HB Projects received an original scope, which we developed and evolved to provide a value engineered solution for the store.
However, we rather like this charming design by Shane Peterson who - using 3D Studio Max 2012, Vray and Photoshop - has turned a standard 20′ steel shipping container into a garden office which could be put together off site and then delivered to a home. It may be less expensive and quicker to achieve a habitable space than standard construction but one should really compare costs of other construction methods.

I was driving down this storage in delray beach fl and the place is like one mammoth shipping container!

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