Want to have a small dwelling space or a studio away from home - get a modern shed built in your own backyard from a prefab shed kit. For centuries, there was a strong connection between work life and home life since most work was carried out at home in the form of cottage industries.
The writer and artist John Ruskin argued that buildings must mean something to their inhabitants, that their spiritual concerns are as important as the material ones. Wether you want a simple storage shed, dog house, office building, porch, patio, balcony, or roof, our construction crews and architects can assist you from your vision and planning stage through the full project completion. Over the last decade we have seen the miniaturisation of the office workplace, and a small shed, which once only housed lawnmowers and pots, can now be insulated from the cold, fitted with its own electrics, and can link you to anywhere in the world.
As I write this from my garden office in leafy Hertfordshire, England, I can watch bluetits whizzing in and out of the birdbox next to my garden office, check on the development of my onions, and then start up a videoconference on my laptop with a business contact in upstate New York.

It is not necessarily beautiful, although some are both spectacular and affordable; it is well-crafted and homely, humble but homely. And certainly shedworking is as much a statement of intent as it is a piece of architecture.
All the pieces of your shed are pre-built and finished, so the assembly is quick and uses only a few tools. Call the guys over for a Saturday afternoon and before you know it you can be filling it with tools or creating a outdoor haven where only the boys are allowed.
These modern sheds are growing increasingly popular as people are wanting an extra space outside of the home.
Grieg, Mahler, Strindberg, Dylan Thomas, Peter Gabriel… the list of successful shedworkers is a very, very long one.

The kids will love hanging out in their own a€?housea€? a€“ where they can play and have a space to call their own.
Whether youa€™re wanting an office outside of home, but still close to home, or simply an extra storage place for the lawnmower and slow-blower, the Modern-Shed can supply you with the prefab shed kits you need.

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