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This instructable focuses on how I started with a new storage building and integrated it into the overall landscaping of my backyard. Great work, I might see if I can do something like this with an old tin shed I have stored away behind the garage. Believe it or not, it is now less than 5 weeks until my due date and it would be accurate to say that moving house has spurred me into the nesting stage perhaps slightly before I should be there.

Last week the rain paused for a brief moment and I took the opportunity to make a ┬ástart with our garden shed renovation project. I didn’t have any idea how much paint we would need so I bought the 5L tin just in case.
This section gives brief guidelines for creation of a new paint scheme for an existing model. Top coated in pea green all galvanized fittings so will not require any maintenance for at least 5-8 years.

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