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The Shed Company Sydney South West services the entire Sydney region, Penrith, the Sydney Hills District & the Blue Mountains. Scott and Mike’s Barn Sales provides Muncie with portable buildings and gazebos at an affordable price. There is also ample room area on the second level of the 2-Story Garages to be used as a studio or for an office space.
Perfect to store your precious vehicles, boats, lawn tractors or for a small workshop, with lots of room on the second level.

Drawings, Drawings are available at an additional cost depending of the size of the building.
The Jardin Vertical Shed protects your tools, supplies, barbecue accessories and more from the elements. Our no strings plan allows you to have your own storage facility and gazebo for your backyard or business, when and where you need it.
Penalized walls and pre-engineered trusses allow us to build you building in just a few days. This is a free on-site consultation ( within 25 miles of your shop ) as part of the process.

You get maximum storage in a compact vertical space, so the size is ideal for balconies, decks and small yards. You are not required to fill out a credit application, nor are you required to keep your building.

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