Perhaps you need a garage to park your new vehicle, or maybe you no longer have room for that precious memorabilia that you just cana€™t part with. Whatever your specific need may be, we have it available in wood or vinyl, and custom choice inventory.
We offer a huge selection of buildings to view and choose from, anything from a low cost storage barn to a high class cabana, even a garage to put your car in. Whether your budget allows for the practical a€?economya€? or a luxurious a€?limoa€? model, rest assured, youa€™ll be proud to have our product displayed on your property.

We specialize in matching custom color, exterior siding, roofing and trim to compliment existing structures. VCB will build any structure to meet state and local codes and will provide you with the proper documentation for permits.
We AIM TO PLEASE every customer and you can be confident that we will try to exceed your expectations!
Our products are versatile, customizable and constructed with superior quality and craftsmanship.

If you are a member of a homeownera€™s association, we will work with you to achieve guideline approval.

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